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When I move my eyes I get a little shock

When I move my eyes, either up and down, or side to side I have been getting a sensation that I'm being shocked, as in electricity. It's a recent problem, starting about 3 weeks ago. For example, what happens is that my vision will blur, my teeth feel hot, I get a strong metallic taste in my mouth and my stomach flip-flops. It seems to last about 1 second and then I'm back to normal. I don't ever feel dizzy or faint, just weird. Sometimes it's so intense that my whole body will jolt. Most of the time it's when I move my head, but it's been getting worse, to the point where just looking up or down will cause it. The only thing that has changed healthwise is that I was taking Zoloft for a couple of months and then discontinued it. I never had any side effects from the medication, and no problems with it when I stopped taking it. Does anyone else have this problem? Could it be a nerve problem in my neck? I want to see a doctor, but I don't want to have to be referred 20 different times. I'd like to go straight to a Dr. who has heard of this.
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Do a Google search for "Zoloft zaps." This is a common phenomenon for people getting off Zoloft. (And even people who miss a dose of Zoloft.) I've never found a doctor who knows the cause of this, but every one that I've asked believes that it is harmless. Especially because literally hundreds of people experience it (which you will see when you do that Google search and find them on message boards like this), and it almost always goes away once the Zoloft has worked its way out of your system.

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