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large computer mmonitor will help?

Since I work a lot at the computer, I wear reading glasses - my eyesight has been deteriorating for several years. This is the effect of constantly looking at the monitor from a close distance. If I bought a large monitor, e.g. 35 inches, had a larger font on it, and was looking at it from a distance of 150 cm (different eye accommodation), would I slow down my eyesight deterioration?
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The computer is not causing this problem, aging is, no one gets younger. The problem is called 'Presbyopia" look it up.  Large monitors often create problems especially if over 40 and wear bifocal, trifocal or no line because of the large distance from the bottom of the screen to the top, lots of head movement required to take in the screen.
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Thank you. But if I'm standing 2m distance from the monitor - viewing angle is same, so no more head movements needed.
So you are going to stand for long periods 2 meter (6.5 ft)  away from a computer monitor?  But your keyboard would have to be at arms length or closer.  Never heard of anyone that would find that workable.  In any case nothing you can do slows down the effects of aging on the eye.  In the very young (say less than 16) prolonged use of computer can cause myopia or myopia progression, in people of any age computer use is associated with dry eyes.  There is much research on slowing or correcting presbyopia but nothing that works or is recommended.
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