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I am VERY concerned about my health. I'm 25 6'1 175Ibs and a very healthy person ( usually). However, I have been ill now for well over a month. It started around August 22nd with a feeling of me having a lump in my throat. In addition to this, there was a small white piece of plague on the left side of my throat. After which, I went to the urgent care doctor and they completed a strep rapid test, which came back negative. Therefore, I was sent home with some amoxicillin, which did nothing.

Two days later a had a mild fever and lymph tissues in my neck for slightly swollen, however, it was very short lived.  Two weeks later, the pressure is my neck was still there. On labor day, I had to drive to the ER at 3am in the morning because I was having problems breathing when I would lay down. It really felt like my throat was closing up. While at the ER, they did blood tests and a CT scan. However, everything came back fine and I was sent home.

After a week it subsided slightly ( for three days), however later it came back and this time my tongue was completely white (looked like thrush or bacteria). Therefore, I went back to the urgent care ( new one) and he said that it was a bacterial infection and gave me a ZPACK. After completing the ZPACK, my symptoms were still there. However, the white plague disappeared.

Currently, I'm still feeling fatigued,  have severe headaches, sometimes light hurts my eyes, my throat is feeling tight ( but it isn't sore, never was), tongue is whiter then ever, and BOTH LEGS ARE IN PAIN. The pain in my legs is horrible at times and wake me up at night.

My insurance will not be affective until Nov 1st and spent $2,500 out of pocket and have $3,000 outstanding ( mainly got the hospital). I CAN NOT AFFORD TO NOT GET ANSWERS ANYMORE. SO PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH YOUR OPINION.
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Hi there.
Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time with this.  The timing is bad since you have no insurance at the moment.

If what was going on was bacterial, you would likely have had more resolution of your symptoms with 2 rounds of antibiotics.  You could have a viral infection, which can cause a lot of different symptoms (eg mono), or you could have different things going on, as all of your symptoms don't seem to point to any one specific diagnosis.

Also, with the description of your mouth, you may have thrush, but this is unusual in young healthy adults.  There are some over the counter treatments for thrush, but more severe infections require prescription medications.  I would go to your family physician and discuss what has been going on, and possible treatment for this depending on their assessment.  Urgent care centers are convenient and definitely have their place, but you would probably benefit from some continuity of care in this situation.

If your symptoms are getting worse, or you are having fevers, or weight loss you shouldn't wait to be seen again.  I know this is frustrating, and unfortunately the health care system in this country puts many people in a compromising position when having to make decisions about their health.  

good luck,

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Would the standard blood test given at the Hospital detect mono if this was the case? I'm asking because early on my symptoms really resemble mono.

Thank You!
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Regular bloodwork wouldn't detect mono- it's something they would have to look for specifically.
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Hello Again,

I went back to the doctor ( well Nurse Practitioner) and they performed blood work ( mono, epstein-barr virus, and metabolic panel, and CBC).

The MONO test came back neg
Epstein-Barr Virus came back with high AB levels (3.24) which says positive, however she said this could have been from a prior infection
EBV Nuclear Antigen was also positive (over 5.00)

Finally, my WBC count was 2.9 ( which is lower then the average). Should I be concerned about this?

Many Thanks
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Most likelhy this is symptoms of a chronic fungal problem,... Candida Albicans.  The best way to get rid of this is to cut all sugar, breads, alcohol, sweetened juices, Soda out of the diet for a while, "NO ANTIBIOTICS"--as these actually feed the fungus and can provide long term damage.  Possibly consider a Pro-biotic such as Natren's .  And, consider an antifungal drug susch as Nystatin, and a few tablespoons a day of Apple Cider Vinegar in your Water...you should begin to see quick improvement.  To get more information on this issue and getting immediate help.  go to:  www.Knowthecause.com or www.wholeapproach.com.
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Also, certain Antibiotics are known to cause Low White Blood Cell Count.  And, all the symptons you describe:  Headaches, blurred vision, White Tongue, Pain in the Legs...these are all descriptions of this chronic fungal problem.  Cleaning up the diet over a 1-2 month period would definately help  rule out any other suspects such as Mono.  Gluten, sugars and antibiotics are the biggest culprets.
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Thanks for the encouraging advice.However, I thought a chronic fungal infection would produce a higher WBC count? Or could it have been the zpack, amoxicillin, or steroid pack? Thank You
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