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After removal of blockage on Fallopian Tube

I just had surgery to remove a blockage on my Fallopian tube.  Doctor told me its okay to try and have a baby after recovery.  But I feel weird at trying to conceive too soon.  I also know there is higher chance of having ectopic pregnancy.  Has anyone done this and conceived right after?
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How's it going, friend?  
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Hi dear, sorry haven't been active.  Didn't feel like it since travel is out.  And I was not too successful with the surgery, another blockage was found.
Oh darn!  What is your next step??  Don't give up!  We're here for you.  How is the weight loss coming?  I'm renewed in my efforts!  hugs
Thank you sweetie, truly kind of you. :)  I don't really know, actually, just fence sitting for the moment.  As for the weight, slowly going down then going up again - still on the see-saw! Haha!
I understand.  I'm trying to cut one thing out at a time.  I got back to drinking pop or soda (whatever you call it) and that's never good.  So, that's given up.  I've cut sweets except one time a week (okay, two).  ha ha.  But that helps.  I had been good about exercising, but then our schedule changed again which throws me off.  We just have to take one day at a time, one step at a time, right?  You'll get there.  Want to work on it together?
Thank you so much specialmom.  Yeah I'm not giving up - just a bit confused.  I guess I won't do much until the pandemic is over - except the weight thing - now that we can do!
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My sister became pregnant almost immediately after!  No issues, healthy and happy pregnancy.  I'd go for it.  It's sometimes the best time right after it clears.  
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