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August IVF -ers!

I know its a little early but I am looking for some cycle buddies for my August IVF.  This will be IVF #2 for this year.  I turned 40 end of December. My first IVF resulted in twins but stopped growing at 7 weeks.   I have been doing everything I can to prepare my body and mind for the next IVF.  I've shed 30 pounds (so far, and still losing) since the height of my last pregnancy, been doing acupuncture since mid-May, exercising 4 times per week and will start chinese herbs this week.  

So far, I had a clomid challenge test earlier this month and I was a 12.2 and it went down to 7.4!  This is the lowest number I have had in 1.5 years since I started seeing an IVF doctor.  So, I was very excited.  My insurance approved my IVF + assisted hatching so I am all set.  

Would love to hear from some of you about your journey and next procedure.  I took a break from the site for a few weeks because I had nothing much to report but want to get back into the community.  Hope everyone has a great summer and *****baby dust to all****!!!!
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Good Luck! I ws wondering when u were starting! We did #2 in june and just got a BFP and then #s that more then doubled! U/S on 7/7..I am cautiousely excited..after march i added acupuncture, dhea and herbs..transferred 2 very good 8 cell and 1 ok 6 cell..none to freeze..retrived 10 mature instead of 3! Good for u for the weight loss..will be  watching your posts!Lots of baby dust to u!!
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Best of luck to you!
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Peppy - positive thoughts for you!  I had my 1st IVF retrieval/transfer within the past week, so now we wait.  Hence the name...patientgal! (Not really all that patient though).  Can you pls explain what a "Clomid challenge test" is?  I did Clomid for 4 or 5 cycles before moving onto injectables, and then IVF.  Thanks!
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Thanks for all the support.  I am praying for all of you.  

PatientGal:  good luck with the patience..you will need it.   The clomid challange test is something that is required by insurance as far as I know. You come in for Day 3 FSH test.  Then 2 days later, on Day 5, you begin taking one Clomid pill for 5 days.  Then come in the next day for Day 10 FSH.  Ideally, if the drug is effective, then your FSH should go down.  The first time I took it last year, my FSH was 11.2 and on Day 10 my FSH was 9.3.
That is why my most recent test was so great because I had such a great response and "passed" with flying colors!

Kahlua: Great to hear from you and wonderful about your BFP!!!!  I know this is the toughest time but hang in there I'm sure everything will be fine.......mommy!
I was pleased to hear that you did acupuncture and herbs. I bought some dhea but it scares me because I don't really know what it is.  Do you?  

*********sticky baby dust*********  Keep in touch :)
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Hi Pepp...Great job with the weight loss. I need to lose as well.So hard with DH. He breathes food and it's an extreme constant in my home. That's another forum...lol

I receive instructions for my next IVF protocol August 17th. At that time RE will advise FET or Fresh cycle which usually starts off with BCP when my cycle starts around the 25th. I'm going to ask for fresh so we can have some egg reserve. Hopefully we can be cycle buddies!!
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Hello Peep, I am starting my first IVF in August. I've been reaserching, reading and trying to learn how this process works. My RE started me on DHEA, i read that it helps produce good quality eggs. I am excited to start this process and have positive/encouragment people to talk too. Baby dust to everyone and i will be praying for each one of you.
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if I'm not pregnant this month, I'll be doing my first IVF in August. I've been doing acupuncture and herbs, too and I turned 40 in May.  My dr hasn't even mentioned DHEA to me--I'm going to have to read up on it...I've had three miscarriages (two this year) so anything that helps my egg quality would be good!
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I am glad all of you can join me in this journey. I know how stressful it can get since this is my 2nd IVF this year.  
nshapland:  I bought some DHEA and took maybe 2 or 3 pills but stopped because I just don't know enough about it.  I understand that it is a male hormone that apparently encourages better egg quality.  Not sure why or how.  If you find something different please let me know - the fact that Levi97 was told by her doc to try DHEA is reassuring.

I just received my herbs yesterday in the mail and have had two cups.  My doctor told me some time ago that he doesn't care what I take just as long as I stop while I'm in treatment (when I start the shots) so that it won't counteract the effects of the drugs for IVF.  I am sooooooooo happy that I started acupuncture, I feel so much better and more energetic.  

LaPoo:  great to hear from you again, and I hope we can be cycle buddies as well. I would want a fresh cycle as well, that's better.  I have the flare protocol, which is their most aggressive.  I will take birth control, Lupron, gonal-f, menapur, novarelle(trigger), vivelle dots, progesterone and a few other things related to the ER.  Its always a little hairy dealing with all this stuff but its worth it.  Can't wait!!
****baby dust to all****** and have a great 4th!!!
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I too will be starting 2nd ivf end july/august(should have been july but I've got a cyst caused by the clomid)so the bc will get rid of cyst for me to begin stimms end july. I also got pregnant 1st ivf but miscarried early on back in may. We cannot afford any more after this so really hope it works and sticks this time, keep updating as everyones progress is real support and hope to us all, lots love melissax
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I am so glad that I joined this group!  Just reading your posts and knowing that others are going through IVF is SO reassuring.  What I find most amazing is that every doctor calls every part of the process something difference (eg, Clomid challenge test was never called that to me, but thanks to your description I know now that I did have that done).  There are so many different meds out there too - crazy wild world of infertility!  Enjoy the weekend everyone!
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I will be doing my nest IVF in Aug. I did one in JUNE did not work i believe i was so stressed out after i had my ET done my mom passed away not much i could do to keep my self calm. all i can hope is nest one will take maybe my mom will have some pull.
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oh goodness, hoping4baby.  many condolences on the loss of your mother.  i can't imagine losing my mother during this trying time of infertility.  i hope you have a strong support system of friends and family around you!  sending you strong happy thoughts!
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I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mom.  I know how you feel, I lost my mom nearly 2 years ago - when I should have been getting married, had to put it off until the spring of last year.  This is a very sensitive time for you and I encourage you to get whatever support you need.  I also encourage you to splurge on some acupuncture, it will help to relax you and to have improved fertility.  Also, if you have some weight to lose, like I did, I recommend using www.**********.*** and using the MyPlate function, caloric goal and weight functions to help you understand what you can avoid and get weight loss going.  The lower you bmi, the better.   Good luck to you and please keep me posted about your progress. Also, I wanted to invite you to be a cycle buddy with me, its good to have support during this trying time!!!
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Well got AF on Sunday and estimate that my next AF will be August 1 and hopefully, will begin birth control.  If all goes well I should have the ER on Aug 30 and maybe the transfer on Sept. 2.  This is a very exciting time and I am looking forward to working hard this month to get my weight down and work out.  I continue to do the acupuncture every two weeks and I am taking the chinese herbs/tea for the last week or so.  I feel great - its like being an athlete, you have to get your body prepped to do this if you want to get good results.  I am ready right now but am glad I have the extra month.  I hope everyone has success this time and feel free to hop aboard and be cycle buddies!
**********baby dust to all**********
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hello there, was just reading everyones comments again, as you know I am due to start meds end july and will be going through the cycle roughly same time as you , I am also 40 and am on short protocol(are you?) Reading back, I wonder if losing my dad a few months ago had anything to do with my miscarriage, it was very stressful going through that cycle of ivf as I was often breaking down in tears and still now miss my dad so much, he died unexpectantly thought it was gallstones and turned out to be pancreatic cancer, had 10 days to live and only 65.Anyway we put the ivf off for a month but went ahead in april , miscarried at 6 weeks. I do feel stronger now and no how precious life is, best wishes with your cycle, keep me posted, lots love melissaxx  
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Peppy-That’s great News that you got your AF and well on your way. Hopefully,  I get my AF around the 17 or so, then i will begin my BC. What Chinese herb do you take? Thanks for the invite you are my First friend lol... :)

hoping4baby2009- I am sorry about the lose of your mother.

I pray that 2010 is our year to become Preggers and graduate to “I am expecting” Forum. Baby Dust to everyone and Keep believing if it has been said then it shall be done...
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Good to hear from you and I'm sure you will have lots of friends here!
I pay to see an herbalist who is also an acupuncturist - the two tend to go together but I have a different acupuncturist. The herbalist has a mixture of chinese herbs ground down and sent to me in a bottle. There was no label as to what what in the mixture, I meet with her on Thursday and can ask then.  I take four scoops and put in hot water and drink as tea. I put sugar in it because it is bitter.  I am supposed to do this for 7 days.  The cost of the herbs was $25 and the cost of the appointment was $55.  I had to fill out a lot of paperwork regarding my health and any health issues beyond the infertility.  This mixture is supposed to help to strengthen my eggs, which I need at my age!  This is the most aggressive I have been about my fertility.  I am determined to do everything I can to get my body in the best shape I can so that I can get good strong eggs this time and have a healthy pregnancy.  

I wish you luck on your IVF and it will be fun to be cycle buddies!  :)
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Good to hear from you and so sorry about your Dad, what a shame.  I hope you are coming out of the fog of grieving and will be ready by IVF time.
I know how hard it is, I lost my mom and dad in the last 4 years and the grieving took a long time, it still hurts.  Just hold on to the good memories and let them bring you peace.
If you were stressed out then that could have affected your early pregnancy, stress is not good.  I advise that you try acupuncture for one month, it will improve your fertility and help keep you relaxed.  There was a german study done recently that said that it improved the rate of pregnancy to 42% from 20+%, so its worth a try.  
Good luck to you and please keep in touch!  :)
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thank you for such kind words of encouragement, it really gives me support, and as for the acupunture looking into it tomorrow, will ask clinic for advice.best wishes to you and everyone as you all go through your cycles, i'll keep posting my progress and will follow yours, lots love melissax
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I will probably be doing a Aug FET cycle : )  I am either looking at July or August after my hysteroscopy, and looking more like August to me!  I hope I can jump in with you lovely ladies!?!?  I am starting acupunture on Wednesday,
Good Luck to each and every one of us!!
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Good luck with your FET cycle. You will love acupuncture, its so relaxing and will help with fertility.  I had an amazing clomid challenge test result after one month of acupuncture so I am confident that this will help.  I should mention that I had lost about 10-12 pounds as well and I'm sure that helped too.

Mel4141:  Good luck to you too, please keep posting here with your progress.   Again I encourage the acupuncture. You lay there with the pins in you (doesn't hurt) and relax for 30 minutes, sometimes I felt the effects right away sometimes I felt really good days later. None of us need extra stress in our life, this method really helped me so much.  

Good luck to everyone and I hope we can all be cycle buddies!  :)
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hello, talking at the clinic next week about the benfits of acupuncture, also if its very costly we have exhausted our funds with the ivf and my husband is geting very worried about our finances. Anyway less than 2 weeks now and should be starting the stims, so hoping cyst has shrunk or gone, best wishes to you both on the start of your next cycles, and will update and follow all progression and give support as best I can, lots love melissax
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Well, 1 way to look at it is.... if you do everything you can this time... ie: acupunture, vitamins, baby asprin(?if your taking it), eating healthier, drinking less caffeine... whatever... then you can say you gave it your best shot.  That's what I am doing also.  I cut out sooo much extra spending just to have another chance.  I just hope it pays off for us of us and we ALL get preggers this time!!!!!

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I am happy to hear everyone is doing well. As for me, I am on day 3 of BC taking those until the 28th. Then I have a procedure on the 29th, and med class on the 30th. Question: when did the clinic give you an actual financial statement not a estimate? I am curious because I still haven't received  one yet. Plus my Re is out of this whole week. Ugh! So frustrating.  
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