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Bleeding after D and C

My friend had a miscarriage at 16 weeks. She delivered the fetus and then had a D and C. It is now three weeks later and she is still bleeding. She also noticed some tissue that passed today. Is this normal? Could there still be product of conception left even after a D and C? Or could she have gotten her period?
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oh and i remember reading on line you will know its your period because you after you are done bleeding and go 20 days with no blood the next time you bleed is considered your first cycle
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im very sorry to hear about your friends loss....i just lost my baby last month at 18 weeks so i know its tough

from my experience...i bled for just over 2 weeks and was passing tissue...doc said it was normal...i also had some help with pitossin to slow down my bleeding because i was bleeding to death from my miscarriage (long story) but i have heard it can take awhile

got my period exact 36 days after my D&E (similiar to D&C)

doctors say to expect your first cycle between 6-8 weeks after a miscarriage....i was lucky i got mine a week earlier than the norm

best of luck
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