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Conceiving after Mirena Removal

Hi,  Know there is a topic on here already about this, just can't find it !!  I had my Mirena removed on Jan 19th after 8 months.  Bled for 2 days after removal.  Am concerned that it seems to be the case that cycles are longer after removal.  Have had ovulation signs on and off for about a week - which seems awfully late to me and can't possibly last that long ! lol.  

Have 3 children already and conceived within about 2 months with each of them.  Is anybody in the same position as me ?  Am also signed on to a different forum as well but nobody there seems to have any experience of this situation.  

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it takes time to get your cycles to regulate.  if you have had the Merina out for less than a full month then it is in my experience that the first few cycles are a bit longer after removal....think about it....you had this hormone in your system messing with your body and cycles for (in your case) 8 months....it will take a few months for your cycles to regulate.

i am not a doctor but had Merina for 5 yrs.....had it removed May 2,08 due to it being at the end of the life (5 yrs) and causing complications with my body.... excessive irritation, preg symptoms,ect... my first cycle was 39 days, then 35,27,25 and 30...or there abouts. i conceived (i am now almost 24 weeks preg) mid september after my first Normal cycle.

i understand that you conceived your other children in a short amount of time after you decided to try, BUT were you on a hormonal birth control like Merina before hand?
you might get pregnant right away or it could take a few months....give it a little bit of time and research the amount of time you should wait after Merina removal to start ttc.  reason for that (from what i have read) is because the Merina causes your uterine lining to be thin (which is why you have light or spotty periods) and it needs a few months to get thick enough to hold a fertilized egg.  i have read that alot of women who DO get pregnant right away after IUD removal go on to have a chemical pregnancy because the lining is just not thick enough to hold the implantation.  just a little to think about....good luck to you and hopefully you will find yourself falling preg (if that is what you are wanting) within the next few months.
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I had mine out this past Nov, spotted for a few days and then 3 weeks later my actual period came. I am also ttc and so far nothing...  It takes time to get regular cycles once Mirena is removed.
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H, thanks for your replies, congrats Joyce on yoour preg.  Yes I had been on the pill before having my other 3.  Guess I am just an impatient sort of soul !  Also I am 35 now, my youngest is 17 months, and I don't want to be both too much older or have too much of a gap between them.  I have been having period like pains for about 2 weeks now on and off.  Also I had af a week before Mirena removal, was the bleeding I had after just because of the removal ?

Must confess I wish I never had it fitted, I bled on and off for the whole 8 months it was in.

Julie x
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Well..I'm sort of i the same boat...I had my Mirena removed on January 14th due to ovarian cysts. Bled for 10 days. Started A/F on Feb. 4th, lasted 5 days...completely normal from my old cycles. Not sure on ovulation...had some ovulation symptoms, but wasn't sure. Had sex quite a bit the weekend of Vday (Feb 14-Feb17th) Only used a male condom. On Feb 20th, (I didn't bleed any after the AF) I had some clear discharge with pink spotting. Nothing before or after. On Feb 23rd, woke up to very sore, tender breasts and nausea. Extreme fatigue has settled in now and I'm more irritable than ever. Pregnancy never crossed my mind...until now. My A/F would be due again tomorrow (if it's normal)...took test yesterday, Negative. Wondering if it's possible I'm prego or not???
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Hi, thanks for your reply.  Just to update you all I am pregnant.  I am now about 6 wks along, so yes you can fall quickly after Mirena removal.  there are lots of topics on this and it also seems you can have preg symptoms after removal but not actually be preg.  I had my Mirena out 19th Jan, but don't think I conceived until about 1st or 2nd week of Feb, so I think I would have had a longer cycle that month as I had my last a/f around mid Jan, which would make me more like 7 wks now but I'm not.  Obviously also concerned re m/c risk as have had one before.  I didn't show positive on tests until 3rd week in Feb, my advice would be to wait a few days and test again.  Are you ttc ?  Let me know how you get on,
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congratulations on your bfp :-)

i have had my coil in for 2 years and will be having it out this month in the hope of ttc baby number 4 :-)

mixed stories on the net about time to conceive after removal so will just have to wait and see i suppose

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