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Fertility Doctors in Southern California

Hi Med-Help Friends -

I had an unsuccessful IVF with ICSI last year in May in Oklahoma.  We have now relocated to the Los Angeles area and are looking to do another IVF.  

Can anyone recommend a great clinic ... more importantly, a great doctor?  We have done a lot of research and here that Southern California Reproductive Center is good and USC.  Any others?  I would love to hear about anyone's personal experience with a good doctor.

Many thanks!
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I am at The Center for Reproductive Health and Gynecology.
Dr Najmabadi and his staff are really on the ball. The Dr is at every appt and U/s.  I know someone that did have success with him when she did IVF. I have had 2 unsuccessful IUI's but am moving on to IVF next cycle. He has 3 offices - Beverly Hills, Burbank and Valencia but his main office is Bev Hills. It's where all the procedures are done as well. www.reproductive.com

Good luck!

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I love Dr. Nelson from huntington reproductive center located at pasadena.  He's very aggressive.  I got 3 BFP out of 4 IVFs.
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I'm in southern ca and currently I am at The Center for Fertility and Gynecology (I live in LA but drive to Tarzana b/c I like the drs. It is about a 15 min drive there and 25 min back to LA).  This is my fourth RE.  I really like Dr. Marc Kalan at the Center. Dr. Kalan returns my calls personally and comes out to talk to me if I am there for blood work and have questions.  Actually, all three drs are nice and have great bed-side manners (which really matters to me as I am an anxious person).  I just started my first treatment cycle there.
I was at Cedars Sinai before and although I liked the dr, the billing department was a total and complete disaster. They charged me $3000 for a cash package and then turned around and billed my insurance company (which paid--we have yet to be reimbursed from Cedars).  Almost every time I went in the billing got messed up. And when I complained to the financial person at the office she made some flippant comment like "yeah, well, we have 4 different billing departments" --like that was an acceptable excuse for the hours I had to spend on the phone.

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