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Getting Ready for IVF

I am getting ready to do an IVF cycle and was wondering how you physically feel during the process. I didn't feel so hot on clomid in the past and am thinking that all the IVF drugs will probably make me feel worse. If anybody would share their experienes I would be grateful.

Good luck to all, and thank you in advance for sharing!
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I did a lot more fertility drugs during my trying with IUI and I felt that was a lot worse than what I am doing now with IVF.  With that being said, I only did one cycle of IVF (I'm on my fourth now) with clomid.  I think its different for everyone but I find it to be more draining emotionally than physically but like I said not everyone is the same.  
It's important to just try to take care of yourself during this process.  Take your vitamins, exercise if you can and keep a positive attitude as difficult as it is sometimes.  

Best of luck to you and keep me updated on your progress and if you need to talk, vent, etc., please just drop me a note.  We are all here to help you through our shared journey.  

Take care,
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this is my first cycle of IVF and i hope its work well i just felt headache and hot during the treatment nothing more than that :)  

wish you all the luck
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It is different for everyone, but I didn't feel any worse doing my IVF than I did on Clomid (other than some bruises from the shots, but they didn't hurt).  We did six cycles of Clomid (a few on our own and the rest with IUI).  I found that harder to get used to, but I think it was because my body didn't know what to think about these medicines in my system.

By the time I started my IVF, I didn't really feel bad on the drugs.  Once you get to the progesterone phase, you will likely get symptoms (tired, sore boobs), but they were tolerable for me.  We just got our BFP last week.  Now I wish I had just jumped right to IVF.

Good luck!!!
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Travel- CONGRATS!!! I hear you I wish we could just get to IVF already. The IUIs are so frustrating and seemingly pointless...

Thank you all for your ideas and support. Moving onto IVF soon. Will keep you posted!

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I did my first IVF back in May and I was expecting to go through major mood swings, etc. but I didn't experience any huge symptoms. The only thing I had to deal with was at the beginning when I was coming off the birth control pill, I had a really bad migraine that lasted for like 2 days, but once I started the other medicine, it went away. Good Luck on your journey!!!
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I got a NFL after day 10 of embryo transfer 13 tv September through IVF wishing n sending all the best and. Yes lots of small hot flushes on off with various headaches n sore boobs nothing more just remember to take a spoon of honey per day plenty water and relax as much as possible I'll feel quite bloated coming to the end of ivftreatment but not bad like I said relax and take time to think of other things much easier said than done I know xxx
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Sorry not NFL I meant BFP xxxx
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  Everybody feels so diff I have heard, but i felt very tired trhough the process. Was ready for bed every night early.  im sure that was hormonal, and just the stress factor too. Sometimes it hard to differenciate from the two.  My first round had hyperstim, lots of eggs..and got really sick....so i pray that doesnt happen to you..if you have a large amt of eggs just make sure doc takes close attention to you, and you call office with any changes you have!  Good luck!
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I was really tired but nothing too much apart from that .. a little bit more emotional than usual too .. it's actually over really fast and the memory fades pretty quickly .. faster than your ovaries going back to normal that's for sure .. mine took about 3-4 weeks the first time (unsuccessful round) then the second round when I was pg it took around 10 weeks for them to shrink.  
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Remember positive thinking effects POSITIVE results.  It sometimes does take multiple IUI cycles for it to work though........but it is possible.
How many follicles do you have when they do the IUI?
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