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Iam 39 year old woman married for 17 years. I have irregular periods since the age of 12. After marriage consulted many doctors regarding infertility. My weight keeps increasing rapidly, and now I weigh 92 kg. height 5 ft.
For 10 years I was on medication for  PCOD, hypothyroidism, endometriosis. But no pregnancy.
Should I try for IVF? Does my weight a drawback for that?
Does losing weight help regularise my periods, and help getting pregnant naturally?
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Has your doctor tried adjusting your meds for the pcod and hypothroid? I know those two things can cause weight problems.  Have you tried iui's or any medicated cycles before thinking of IVF? IVF does have a better success rate. I have pcod, hypothyroid, endometriosis among other things and we moved onto ivfs.  We have lost several pregnancies but that isn't the fault of IVF.  It would be best to discuss with your doctor what he/she thinks should be your next plan of action. Maybe going on Bcp for a month or two will regulate your cycle.
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Though I am not a doctor by any means being over weight can definitely affect fertility. Have you seem a medial doctor for help with your fertility.
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