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Irregular periods, PCOS, but not obese, not able to conceive

I am 29 years of age. I started my periods at the age of about 13 years. Ever since, I have had irregular periods. Earlier I missed two months of periods or sometimes, three months. Gradually, it stabilised and since about a year I have been having periods where I miss only one month. and during that month I only have spotting whihc is very less and goes on for about 4 days. next month i menstruate normally and then again the next month I spot.  kno wthis is not normal. When I had doen ultrasound many years ago, the doctor informed me that I have PCOS but nothing serious. And hence, I never bothered. When I researched on PCOS, I have very few of the symptoms. I have no weight gain issue. I fac it is the opposite. I have hairs on my carves, pubic area and underarms only, no facial hair. Now, I am married- though I have been sexually active for about 5-6 years now. For the past one year, I have been trying to get pregnant but have been unsuccesful. WHat should I do? IS there a natural healing? I am into yoga, swimming and also maintain a good lifestyle and diet. I am not fat... my weight is 55 kilograms, height is 5 feet 3 inches. I am an Asian with Mongoloid features. Can you help me?
Best regards, Tshering
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Have you tried metformin.  Look it up. Works for many with PCOS.

Best wishes
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I also have pcos. I have most of the symptoms.I dont get a cycle for 6 months at a time or longer. Im not that much over weight though I weigh 155 and im 5f 6inch. My sis has it as well and she has a normal cycle every month and has had problems with cysts.She got pregnate on her own without even trying. PCOS affects everyone different. I have been trying for about 7 months now. If you dont ovualate like me you should go see your doctor and they will probably put you on metformin, provera and maybe clomid. The only natural healing i have ever heard is after you have a baby in some cases it goes away. otherwise there is no cure. But there is hope with the right meds. good luck
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Thx for ur answers. I saw a doctor and she prescribed me a oral contraceptive pill for three months. I am not a person who likes to take pills...so I did not take it. I was supposed to this month. I am thinkin gof showing a doctor this week and getting a thorough test done. As I am not even sure the severity of my PCOS. I knew of my PCOS when I had done an ultrasound some few years ago and after that i don't know the status. ALso, after that my periods are more regular as in I miss only one month.. otherwise, earlier I used to miss my periods for 2-3 months altogether. Of course, I was happy as no cramps so i didn't bother...but now that I'm planning to start a family so I am kind of conscious and concerned.
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