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March/ April 2012 IVERS

Do we have any March/ April ivers in here? Ladies,let's come together and support one another as we embark on this journey .
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I may do an FET around march/april, not too sure yet, had a fresh cycle in Jan ended as m/c, hoping for the best. lets be cycle buddies. good luck.
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How are you all doing? Popped in to say hello! Keep being positive and stay strong for your babies.
Where is my sister Taglas? How are you dear?
Sis Gareol, sure you are doing great.
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Hey Ladies! I hope all is well with everyone, it sounds like everyone is doing good!

Yesterday I went in for my 1st trimester screening for chromosomal abnormalities and they were able to guess the gender of the babies. At this point it looks like a boy and a girl!!!! I will know for sure in about a month! I'm so excited and I wish you all the best! Everyone is healthy and I posted some new pics of the babies!

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I posted an updated pic (from last week) ... o fmy baby!
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Ultrasound today! Came back with 1 heathy sac, and 1 healthy heartbeat :)
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Great betas!!!!
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I had a scare today. I passed an egg sized clot of crinone this am and attached was some blood. I spotted all day so I had an ultrasound. Everything is fine. It was from the crinone irritating my cervix :/ I will post pics of my perfect little peanut as soon as I get home!!!
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