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My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 4 years. I am 25 years old and early this year, I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was performed a hysterosalpingogram on the 2nd week of June and I've been taking Metform for almost 3 weeks. I have noticed that I've been discharging a clear/white sticky and elatically looking mucus, slight increase in the release of gas, frequent clear urination, and pelvic pain on my lower left and sometimes right side. I already saw my GYN and she told me that this could be a sign of ovulation. My GYN has withdrawn blood from me to check my Estrogen level and I'm hoping that this means that I'll be able to determine when I'm ovulating. I have always had a hard time determining when I'm ovulating due to changes in my menstrual cycles. For example, I had my period this month on June 3rd but last month I got my period on May 8th. I'm not sure if any of this is normal and I have never really mastered how to predict my most fertile days. I've even considered having IVF but I really want to conceive the most natural way possible.  Any professional and also non-professional advice provided to me is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Hi, I am also 25, I was diagnosed with pcos 7 weeks ago..i'm on 1500mg of metformin.  as far as tracking goes you can start by charting you body basal temp, or use opk's, the ovulation tracker on this site is pretty helpful..I chart BBT, and use opk's.  you can also chart your cervical mucus. there a lot of steps less invasive than IVF.  Are you on clomid? or any drug to help you ovulate?
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I'm actually only taking 1000mg of metformin and today I'm suppose to start taking 1500mg. I've heard about clomid...Is it effective?

I've never been good at tracking my BBT...As for the vaginal discharge, I just recently received for the first time ever that it was a sign of ovulation. I had never discharged such cervical mucus and someone has already told me that it's due to the metformin....If this is the case, I'm hoping it will continue to help me ovulate and determine what are my most fertile days. I also experience irregular periods...I get my period every month just not around the same time.
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The discharge is from the metformin.  Metformin helps break down the mucous buildup in your uterus.  
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Do you think that the Meformin has begun to help me ovulate?
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believe i know how annoying bbt can be, i stopped charting this month until i end clomid so that was a nice break. ovulation predictor kits (opk's) i have heard they work well, i have never ovulated so they didn't help me much. I also never noticed mucus until i started the metformin. as far as clomid two of my friends took it and are enjoying their pregnancy.  I am on round four and have yet to ovulate.
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I've been charting since I found this wonderful website....and I find it a bit challenging...Hopefully, I won't slack off and forget it....I'll be crossing my fingers for that not to happen...I can get really caught up with things easily....

As for clomid...I've heard about this medication a lot....Metformin seems to be working for me now...but in the event that it starts to be doing otherwise...I will definitely consider asking my doc about possibly having to take it....
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