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Small gestation sac with good heartbeat

Anybody who had IUI or IVF have a gestation sac that was measuring behind but pg still turned out to be viable.  I an u/s at 5wk4d and there was a gestation sac with an ill defined yolk sac.  The gestation sac was measuring a couple days behind.  Today (6wk4d) I had another u/s with a well defined gestation and yolk sac and a good heartbeat.  The heart rate was 124 b/m.. dr said they start out slower but in the next week or two that would go up to 160 - 180 range.
Anyway the yolk sac was only measuring a couple days behind but the gestation sac was measuring over a week behind. Basically the same as had the week before.  RE said with normal conception, he wouldn't think twice about it but because he knows exactly what day conception was on, he was a bit concerned.  Basically said it could go either way.  Since there was a good heart beat and a good yolk the gestation sac may catch up but it might be an indication of non-viable pg.  I even asked him if when embryo implants could be the reason and he said no because he knew when conception was.  Which didn't exactly make sense to me... I still thought implantation had a range.  

Any thoughts or experiences on this?  
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I agree with you, even though with IUI we know when fertilization takes place, implantation definitely has a wide range still - it can still vary a week.. Congrats on seeing the heartbeat.. your miscarriage risk goes WAAAAY down once you see a heartbeat.. so thats GREAT GREAT news!!!! I have heard of a lot of people measuring behind and everything turning out great.. misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com has a TON Of stories of success with beta's behind, and ultrasounds looking behind.. When is your next ultrasound? GOOD LUCK! i'm praying for ya!
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Wow, thanks for the link.  I have a three day weekend so I think I will be reading this A LOT :)... thanks.  I'm gonna try to stay positive.  
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Hey!  Yvette Y. just had the same problem and she did IVF...It wasn't really a problem though cause everything has turned out just great for her but she did all this research and found a great link that talked about smaller gestational sac's when doing fertility trmts... I'm sure everything will be great...pump up the water intake as I've heard that helps and Yvette did that and she thinks it also  helped :-)  I'm sure she will see this thread and respond :-)  Good luck girl...I'm sure everything is going to be just great!!!  
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Oh, gosh Hannah. I hate that now you're worried again. When is your next u/s appt? I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I don't have any insight on IUI or IVF's.
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