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What will the chances of to get concieve


I am under going my follicular studies.today is 13th day,on my 11 th day endometrial thickness was 5.6 mm. both ovary are in normal size. in right ovary MSF and left ovary 3 follicle f1 is 2.1*2.1 mm ,f2 is 2.3*2.6 mm & f3 is 11mm. What are my chances of conceiving ?please suggest me what should i do.

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Your follicles look too small and not within maturity size. From what my fertility doc explained to me, a mature follicle needs to be 16mm and greater. I had my follicle scan on Wednesday (Sept 30) they found one mature follicle in my left ovary that measured 22mm I was immediately given an HCG trigger shot to begin ovulation and we had timed intercourse there after.
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So u convinced?
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I also was on clomid for five days prior to the scan. I think the best thing for you to do is to speak to your fertility doc and get his or hers personal opinion and advice.
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