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What's up wednesday

Got a little bit of a late start on our new trend this am. So here we are another week already gone. Where is everyone now? I am cd12 and thought o was yesterday. But, temps still low this am :(  I used my Answer opks and got one darker than control but not fully thick. So, I busted out the CBE digis for a confimation. Well, I had 3 in a row give the error message! I was furious! $40 for 7 and 3 out of the gate are defective?!? I did 2 more the next day and the same thing. Needless to say, I sent them a letter. I did not do the tests wrong for gosh sake. I've done more opks and hpts than anyone I know. I average 3 a day *blush* Well, I forked out another $40 this am for another box and they are working just fine. So now the question is was it positive or was it not.....Where is everyone else????
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If your bbt is still down and the opk line is still dark you should probably back it up tonight just in case.  Your LH peaks BEFORE you O so your test opk line should be fading away if you O'd.  
Good luck to you this cycle!!!
p.s. Oh no, it's only Wednesday???
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Lol, believe me we have the bd covered. Poor dh. He isn't off the hook until 2 days of elevated temps. Lines are close but not quite there today.
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not much here.  I don't know if I ovulate yet.  today is my CD15 and yesterday I BD just in case.  today my bbt went up almost to 98.

how about you?  any good new? ovulate? BD?

SSBD to you
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Hi, i'm just on cd 6.  AF was so late last month, just waiting now to start tring again.  Good luck, lots of stick baby dust to everyone.

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Babyblue-It sounds like maybe you o'd yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow's temps will still be up :)  I'm still waiting to o, it's getting close.

Auntdd-cd6 is a sucky place, isn't it? Too early for opks, nothing much to do but wait. I hate cd1-cd8.
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I'm on CD13 and haven't O'd yet. I imagine I will any day now though so it's BD time tonight and for the next few days. I'm taking a break from the bbt and just going by my O time from the last few cycles. Hopefully this will be the lucky month for all of us!!!
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