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Women of Strength!!!

A Strong Woman VS. A Woman Of Strength

A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape…
But a woman of strength builds relationships to keep her soul in shape.

A strong woman isn't afraid of anything…
But a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of fear.

A strong woman won't let anyone get the better of her…
But a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone.

A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future…
A woman of strength realizes life's mistakes can also be unexpected blessings and capitalizes on them.

A strong woman wears a look of confidence on her face…
But a woman of strength wears grace.

A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey…
But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong.

Author Unknown.
Michelle: (You have our continuing support & prayers!!!)
ad_06:  You're in our thoughts & prayers! - (appt Mon)

Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy!
Check out his pics!!!

vortex: BFP - 39 weeks!!!
Joyce: BFP - 34 weeks!!!
Jessie: BFP - 29 weeks
ArmyPrincess - 27 weeks
Stacey: BFP!!! 21 weeks!
Kaylee_Frye: BFP- 16 weeks (u/s 5/12)
kmcarino:  BFP - 11 weeks (results next week)
Luvkayln:  BFP!!! (First u/s tomorrow!)

Arlotheslug:  Adoption in June!
naf38:  Welcome Home!!!
mrspace:  Kya had her puppies!!!  Check out the pics!
Shysana: Taking a break
Guesito: FET 5/20!
Keyan:  Last Lupron shot 5/4, lap 6/3
DreamingofaSon:  TR in December
mommyin09:  Waiting for AF ;(
thetam01:  Waiting for AF ;(

Hannah:  CD5 (doc appt Mon)
wishandaprayer:  CD6
Lina:  CD8
Candie:  CD10
dnikki:  CD11 (iui tomorrow!)
rachjas:  C12  
Pyar:  CD38

jmh2005:  3dpo
Okay, ladies!  Let's start this week off with some good news!!!

luvkayln:  Best wishes for your 1st u/s!  I can't wait to hear your update!!! =)

dnikki:  Good luck to you for you iui tomorrow & Tuesday!!! =)

Arlotheslug:  Your u/s pics are amazing!!!  I'm so excited for you guys!

mrspace:  Congrats on the puppies!  The pics are adorable!!!

Hannah:  Good luck at your doc's appt tomorrow!  I hope all goes well ;)
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Mamushko thank U very very much for the wonderful job that U are doing with our new threat!:) Thank for your note also, I'll be always here for U & for some ladies too!!:-P

I wish also to hear good news on this new threat too.
So everyone I wish U luck, happiness, success & positive thoughts on your steps going forward....

God bless us all!!!
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Good Morining ladies!

Mommyin09: Thanks for the new thread...I agree, come on good news!! ...I know I've said this a few times now, but you know I am here for you. Keep it up, woman of strength!

LinaG: You are always so sweet. I've miss you!! How are you doing?

Luvkayln: I am so excited for you today, hopefully you will be able to see a heartbeat too! that would be a nice surprise this early...Can't wait for you update.

MrSpace: OMG the puppies are adorable!! Congrats!! ...btw how are the smelling? lol ;o)

Arlotheslug: I guess by mommyin09 post that you have u/s pic to show...I will go there next to ck them out!! Congrats! ...June is just around the corner...I am getting a little anxious now for my LAP...but excited that I will get to TTC again.

Stacey: Hi! how are you doing? How is Jack? ...on the other thread you asked about nursery theme Ideas, well sorry I didn't get back to you on that, how about a nature theme, Sky...Sun...clouds...Mountains...Trees...animals...etc...interactive...I mean like a mural but like in the clouds part, use cotton balls to enhance and maybe some plastic eyes on the sun, real leafs for the tree...etc.....do you understand what I am saying ???? ;o) lol! ...the only issue I can think of now with this theme, is the cleaning part...a vacum wouldn't help and it would take time to keep all the dust out...see I do have had time to think about it...LOL!! Let me know what you think...I am sure you have great ideas in mind!

Dnikki: Good luck today!!

Candie: I did see your mood this weekend...congrats on the great weather...It was nice here too ...a little warmer than what I would prefer but is ok...I don't like complaining too much, but the hotflashes are starting to get to me, they are making me a little cranky...but as of now, I've been able to handle it, I remind myself is just a few more weeks and they will be gone for good! now ther part where I have to go under general anesthesia is the one making me anxious, but all is ok!! You are getting closer to O, hope you do get a nice surprise next week!!!

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morning ladies from a very rainy England

mommyin09 so sorry hun i really was hoping against hope for you .I'm so glad you are looking forward. When it come to ttc we all have to find the reserve to always think about the next step as hard as that is.Thanks for the new thread great job as allways.

Hannah i'm fine hun. How are you? Good luck with your docs appt i'm sure all will be fine You could be right it could all be stress related lets face it there are few things more stressless than ttc.

LinaG How are you.How are things with your dad and his new wife.I hope you are doing well

Mrspace wow 7 pups thats amazing they are just tooo cute.How are you coping ?I bet its hard work but well worth it.Are you and dh getting much sleep?

luvkayln update please can't wait to see how you u/s went

dnikki good luck onyour upcoming iui

As for me well its day 39 and no sign of af could you all please cheer her on I will be making my appt with new clinic for a second opinon but really want my cycle to return to normal before I do.I just don't want to go there and they think what a mad desperate woman I must be wanting to try for a baby with my own eggs with my bad diagnosis and on top of that no period
449498 tn?1338772039
dnikki- Thinking of you today! Good luck! ;)

Pyar- OK, let's do the AF cheer!! " Come on AF, let's go!! " I hope she shows soon, so you can move forward! I think getting a second opinion is an awesome idea! They won't think you're a mad woman! LOL They'll look at you and see how strong  you truely are for not giving up!!! :)

Arlotheslug- Your u/s pics are absolutely adorable! What a cute little man!!! :) June is getting here so quickly, and he'll be in your arms before you know it! I can't wait!!!! :)

Mommyin09-Thanks for the new thread! :) I also agree that we need to start the week off with good news! Man, I really hope I bring home good news today from the u/s! I'm soooo nervous, sooo nervous! I know my beta's have been great, but I'm still honestly in disbelief about this pregnancy still, so once I see the baby, maybe it'll hit me!!!

Well ladies, my u/s is at 3:30 my time, but won't be home until 4:00 or a little after! Please pray for us today that our u/s goes well, that the baby is doing great and growing like he/she should! I'll update asap ladies!!! :)
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Good morning everyone.

Today is not off to a good start.  I was late for work because DH can't seem to set his alarm clock right.  Only abou 5 minutes late, but still.  See, we use our cell phones as alarm clocks.  And as some of you know, Kya ate my cell phone on Saturday.  We had storms all weekend (including today), including several tornados in the area.  I think that's part of why she had them.   Dogs seem to choose stormy nights.

All 7 puppies are adorable, but not all are doing well.  The runt (mommyin09's favorite) isn't doing well.  It's not eating very much and can't stay latched on to a nipple.  We also discovered (upon closer inspection) that it was born without a tail.  It's about half the size of the other pups and has a harder time moving around.  So we're going to keep an eye on it today and try to help him/her out.  Last night we finally just moved some pups and stuck it in there next to a nipple. It still barely latched on.  We don't know if anything is wrong with it mentally, but we may end up bottle feeding it.  Try to give it a fighting chance.  

Other than that, I'm just in a bad mood.  Rainy nasty weather, and I'm exhausted. I feel like my body is trying to get sick.  Like I'm on the verge of getting a cold/flu.  It'll all be okay though.  I just wanted to vent about that for a minute.

mommyin09- I'm so sorry about everything. You are such a strong woman.  I wish you lived closer so you could come see the puppies.  They seem to put a smile on everyone's face.  

luvkayln- I will be anxiously waiting for your update.  I hope you are feeling well.  

pyar- The puppies are good. I'm doing alright.  Just tired.  Dh has started lightly snoring and moving around a lot at night, so I'm not getting as much sleep.  It'll just take some getting used to.

Keyan- The puppies smell wonderful.  The best part (for me) so far is when they sleep.  They are all active dreamers.  One little guy even does that running motion when he dreams.  And he's only a day old!  It's so cute.  They should open their eyes in a week or 2 and they'll really start running around then.  We've been video taping them too.  It's just so much fun.  Kya's been an amazing mom to them.  She's getting used to moving away from them.  For instance, when she has to go outside or when she eats/drinks.  She leaves them for a few minutes and is right back in there.  But she's great.  She's also been really great with us.  She doesn't mind having us around.  Every once in a while (like when we were trying to help the runt eat), she watches us pretty close, but still doesn't mind us around her pups at all.  

dnikki- Good luck today girl!!!  My fingers are crossed!

arlotheslug- I'm going to check out your pics here in just a minute!

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Michelle: (You have our continuing support & prayers!!!)
ad_06:  You're in our thoughts & prayers! - (appt Mon)

Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy!
Check out his pics!!!

vortex: BFP - 40 weeks!!!
Joyce: BFP - 34 weeks!!!
Jessie: BFP - 29 weeks
ArmyPrincess - 28 weeks
Stacey: BFP!!! 21 weeks!
Kaylee_Frye: BFP- 16 weeks (u/s 5/12)
kmcarino:  BFP - 12 weeks (results next week)
Luvkayln:  BFP!!! (FIRST U/S TODAY!!!)

Arlotheslug:  Adoption in June!
naf38:  Welcome Home!!!
mrspace:  Kya had her puppies!!!  Check out the pics!
Shysana: Taking a break
Guesito: FET 5/20!
Keyan:  Last Lupron shot 5/4, lap 6/3
DreamingofaSon:  TR in December
mommyin09:  Waiting for AF ;(
thetam01:  Waiting for AF ;(

Hannah:  CD6 (doc appt today)
wishandaprayer:  CD7
Lina:  CD9
Candie:  CD11
dnikki:  CD12 (IUI TODAY!)
rachjas:  C13  
Pyar:  CD39

jmh2005:  4dpo
luvkayln:  Gosh, 3:30!? It's gonna be a looong day ;)  I know how you feel, being nervous for good results, but everything is going so well for you & once you see your little bean, all worries will be set aside & we'll all be hear celebrating your wonderful news!!!  I can't wait to hear your update!

dnikki:  Thinking of you, too, today!  I hope your follies are ripe & ready for your iui!!!  Best wishes =)

pyar:  I'll join in the AF chear for you, too ;)  I think it's great that you're getting a second opinion.  Who cares if they think you're a mad woman!? Haha!  You need answers & a method to move forward.  Best of luck!!!

To all my wonderful friends:  Thank you so much!!! ;)  It's really overwhelming all the support I've gotten in the past few days.  I can't even express how much I appreciate it!  I just love you guys!!!  I told the nurse yesterday that we're excited that we got our bfp & are taking that as a plus, but that I'm concerned that my lining is a big factor & will continue to be unless we do something about it.  My RE was at another facility yesterday, so she had him return my call, but I was out.  I'm going to call him today & hopefully he'll have some ideas & not just tell me to make an appt for a consultation.  I always feel like I'm being blown off when that happens! ;)  We'll see... I'll update later.  

Oh, I asked medhelp if I could change my name back to my original name when I first logged on, which is rickzchick.  I then was mommyin08 and now mommyin09...  rather than keep changing it each year.  Hmmm, but mommyin10 has a nice ring to it... Haha!  We'll see ;)  Just don't be surprised if all of a sudden my name changes ;)  Have a wonderful Monday!!!
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I always seem to miss your post ;)  Okay, starting right now, put a smile on your face & make yourself have a great day!!!  I know what you mean about the puppies.  There were times this weekend when I felt so down, but my little Carmelo is such a sweetheart that I just cannot be sad when I'm with him ;)  He's turning 2 on Thursday!  I hope you have a wonderful day!
688022 tn?1275944889
Aww, happy early Birthday to Carmelo!   Kya turned 4 on Friday and her puppies on Saturday.  The puppies put me in such a good mood.  I'm actually in a pretty good mood.  Just having one of those cranky days!  You are such an amazing woman.  Thank you so much for all your support.  
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Keyan* thank U very much! I miss U too. I'm doing all right, trying to make my garden looks beautiful, it is to much work though LOL I thought it will be easy but no way.., 1 week digging, cleaning land from roots & rocks, putting manure & cover it with cleaned land WOW. Yesterday i had terrible head acke & I throw up so was all day on the bed resting. Today I'm feeling better so I went out to dig again, but since it is very hot outside I came inside to have a break. Nothing new down here.

Pyar* Thank U too. We are all doing fine. I had my DF & his wife invited for the lunch at our place on my DH Easter day April 19th, (he is Orthodox) so everything went well from my side. :) I'll chear AF too to came ASAP, so U can continue your next steps forward! I'm planning to search for the new DR also, & believe me what ever I want to ask & get answer will not make me or U look mad, since we are not children & they can not play with our emotions & our money, right?

LuvKayln* Smile & bring me smile on my face too! :) God bless, be positive, pray for healthy & happy journey!:) U ARE PREGNANT!!!:)

Mamushko* I wish to hear & read encouraging words from U today. Hugs

God bless us all!
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Your puppies are so cute! Are they full husky puppies? I was showing DH the pics last night and I want one soo bad lol.=} They are adorable.
688022 tn?1275944889
I wish they were full husky but they're not.  This black lab (owners don't keep him on a chain or in the house or in the yard, just let him run around) has been sniffing around her and mated with her once (several months ago). So we're pretty sure he's the father.  So they are Husky/lab mixes.  Not what we wanted, but oh well.  They are still so darn cute. And we have people who are interested.  We're being careful to make sure they all get loving homes.
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Hey Gals!!

First off - Thank you all for all the good luck wishes and thinking of me - It means soooo much!!!

My IUI went fine this morning. DH's count was 28 million I believe with 94%motility - so off to a pretty good start. I took my 2 triggers yesterday at noon, and I'm just now starting to feel just a bit crampy on and off. I was also a little crampy after the IUI which is nothing out of the ordinary. I go back tomorrow at 12 (due to my work) for another IUI. I also go back Wednesday for my u/s to make sure I O'd and how many actually ruptured :-) He said my levels are great, and I responded really good to the meds...

My one friend is coming out today - she's about 7 weeks p/g. We were p/g together with our DS's too, so maybe it's a good sign lol!! We are going to Old Navy for the "Stuff and Save" lol, and out for lunch. It should be a good day :-)

Hugs, Love and SSBD to all!!
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Thank guys I know i'm not mad but over here the docs don't credit patients with much intelligence they tend to be rather arogant Hannah you'll know what I mean.You guys in the us seem to be able to have discussions with your docs as opposed to be told what you can or cannot look into oh well we'll see whats happens
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Good morning ladies!

mommyin09 - Thanks for the new thread.  Seriously, you are such a strong woman and I'm so glad I can call you my friend.  ((hugs))

luvkalyn - I've already sent you a note, but again, my prayers are with you today.  I'm sure your little one is growing just as they should.  :)

Keyan - It's so good to hear from you!  Hope you had a good weekend.  Yes, finally good weather here, I hope summer is on it's way.  I'm so sorry about your hot flashes, I could imagine that they would get on your nerves after a while.  It will all be over soon, and it will be so worth it!  

Arlotheslug - Can you believe this weather?!?!  I'm loving it, although I see we'll be having rain again soon.  :(  I can't wait for summer, and I'm sure you can't either, but for other reasons!  :)  The pictures are just too beautiful, you and DH must be so proud.  Little Eugene will be here before you know it!  

mrspace - I'm sorry you are having a bad day, but I know getting home and cuddling with those puppies will make you feel better!  :)  They are so adorable.  That breaks my heart about the little one, I hope he's OK and gets stronger.  Thanks for sharing those pictures and giving us all something so wonderful to talk about.  All this TTC business can get way too depressing sometimes!  

LinaG - You are so sweet to us, I wish you a lot of success and happiness as well!  :)  Don't overdo it on the yard work and make yourself sick!  I hope you are feeling OK now.  I'm sure it looks beautiful.  :)

Pyar - Sorry about stupid AF, what is she waiting for?!?!  I don't want to see her again, so maybe I could send her your way!  LOL  If you aren't happy with your doctor, then it's definitely worth it to get a second opinion.  I'm sorry you feel your doctors aren't as understanding as they should be, but don't blame yourself, some of ours aren't very nice either!  Just be sure to get your concerns addressed and do whatever you can to make your dream come true.  I always hate to "rock the boat" and have a hard time standing up for myself, but i've learned that at this point, I'm just going to start speaking my mind.  I have nothing to lose at this point and we'll always regret it if we don't do everything we can to improve our health and have a family.

dnikki - I'm glad to hear your IUI went so well!  Good luck on your second one, and enjoy your lunch and shopping trip today.  

jmh - Thanks for the advice on the book.  I'm very religious as well, but it's always good to try to learn new things and do whatever you can to take care of your body.  I've heard of that book before and wasn't sure how good it was, but now I feel like I should read it.  That's great that you O'd from the good side this time!  All the best to you!  I'm glad to hear you have a plan for the injectibles too just in case.

ad_06 - Thinking of you, praying for you, and hoping you are OK.

Just an FYI on me for all who have asked.  I am continuing my bloodwork to monitor the hormone levels.  I have to continue it every other day until 11 dpo, so I got a ways to go yet and my left arm is already bruised!  I won't hear anything from the doctor until he can analyze the whole cycle, so it will be awhile before I know.  Thanks for all your good wishes!  :)
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Dnikki: I'm glad iui #1 went so well! I hope you're able to rest a bit & that the cramping goes away. We'll be hoping for another success tomorrow & then you can rest comfortably in your tww! :)

Candie: That's great you're being monitored so closely :) I'm so glad to hear that, but I'm also
sorry for your poor arm ;( Ouch! Hang in there! :)
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hey all do you want the good news or bad????
so my lump is an infected gland wich is healing its self so thats good
but i found out i have pcos im am crushed at least i now no why wich is a relief but im gutted doc now has to startall my tests again before i can be refered for a fertility doctor arrrrgghhhh pyar im ryt here with you they dont even let u explain whats going on

my back is killing stress stress stresss arggghhhhhh

688022 tn?1275944889
hannah- I'm sorry sorry that you were diagnosed with PCOS.  I was diagnosed in September.  My doctor still won't referr me to a specialist, but we're going to try to transfer OBGYN's then get a referral later.  If we decide to TTC again.  Good luck dear.  We're all here for you
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Hey ladies, I went to the RE today, my numbers were 7 so he wants me to repeat it again on the 4th just to make sure they go all the way down. He said that getting pregnant with IUI isn't a problem, but when we start again he wants me to take progesterone (sp?). So he told me to wait at least 2 months and we will try again. He also said that he is going to assume this was a regular pregnancy, not a tubal since I shed everything myself. So since I passed things on Thursday would that be CD 1? That is when it turned bright red too......

I was concerned about something that he did find though, he called it a pari tubal or pari ovarian cyst? I don't even know if I spelled the 1st part right...lol Anyway I asked what it was and he said it's a cyst on the outside of either my tube or ovary, but it's not that big....and that sometimes when our mother's were carrying us that we get extra junk....but it just doesn't develop til later....so I don't know.

I'm going back to work tomorrow, I'm actually doing pretty good... I agree with Mommyin10 we got a BFP, so it's possible!! I thought it would take forever to get one, but it happened with the 2nd IUI. So right now I am just going to enjoy the nice weather, relax and most of all enjoy DH and I relationship, because I get so caught up in TTC, that everything seems so demanding.

I hope everyone else is doing good!! Good luck!!
449498 tn?1338772039
Hey ladies! :) Sorry to keep you all waiting! After my u/s I was famished, so we went to Chiles to eat, and it was Mmm Mmm, SO good! :) So everything went great today! We have a singleton! :) We didn't see a h/b today, which I was prepared for, but my RE said everything is right on target so that makes me feel good! :) My next u/s is in 2 weeks, on the 11th so we'll see a h/b by then and a bigger baby!!! I'm just soooo happy everything went so well today! I was so nervous, even sitting there in the u/s room my stomach was in knots! So I won't fully relax until I see the h/b, but that's only 2 weeks away! :) Thank you for all your sweet notes today, the support is just awesome!! OK, go check out our little one! ;) It's a little tiny thing, but oh so cute! :)

478429 tn?1265244387
Luvkayln: YAY!!!  I already can't wait for your next u/s!!! Congratulations :-)

Okay ladies, I'm getting bloated lol, but I guess I know my follies are getting ready/are moving on down lol...I have IUI#2 tomorrow around 1230, so I'll update later. I need many many thoughts and prayers from you wonderful gals during this tww!!! Thank you ladies for everything!!!!!

Hugs, Love and SSBD to all... :-)
655897 tn?1328018445
Congratulations!  I am so glad everything went well today!!
299260 tn?1304216105
luvkayln:  Seeing your u/s pic makes me so happy!!! =)  I'm just so excited for you & like dnikki, I can't wait for your next u/s!!!  

dnikki:  We'll be cheering you on & supporting you all the way! ;)  Good luck tomorrow!!!

Hannah:  I'm sorry about the pcos ;(  I'm glad you did get some answers, though & hopefully now you can move forward ;)

ad_06:  I'm glad you're feeling better!  That's great that you don't have to worrry about it being a tubal.  I think a lot of us on here take progesterone, so ask all the questions you want! ;)  I would recommend endometrin.  That's what I started taking in January & I prefer them over the compounded ones.  You're so right about spending time loving & appreciating your dh!  I feel the same way ;)  Take care!!!

My RE called me today & I'm just so happy.  For those who don't already know, having multiples is a risk for me due to the shape of my uterus & so, I can't really take meds that might increase that risk.  I also have a thin uterine lining, which is a concern for me.  So, I was all set to suggest to my RE that perhaps I could take a lower dose of a med that might thicken my lining, but I didn't have to ask because that was his suggestion to me! ;)  Yay!  Medhelp also changed my name, which makes me feel more confident in moving forward :)
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Morning Ladies Well its 10am here and its still raining.I'm cd40 (can you believe it)anyways my breasts are feeling pretty sore so that a good sign of af being somewhere soon.

Candie thank you you are so right a second opinion is a good thing to do and yes i have got to stand up for myself I don't want to have any .I'm sorry about your poor bruised arm it will be worth it in the end

Hannah aww hun i'm so sorry to here your news sorry I have no experience of pcos.But I know there are many women on this forum who do hopefully you will get some answers.At least you have an answer now and despite the docs and their attitude, guide lines ,etc hopefullly you can move forward with plan now.

mrspace How is the runt doing now? I can't stop thinking about him/her.Sorry I know that sounds really soft but i can't help itI always go for the under dog (excuse the pun.

mommyin10 yay new name sounds great how are hun you are such an inspiration.

dnikki your friend coming over could be a good sign good luck.

luvkayln yay yay yay i'm so pleased all is well now its feels your next u/s seems so far away aren't we an impatient lot

well ladies have a brill tuesday
514585 tn?1328740013
luvkayln... so happy to see the bean in there is doing great... am anxious for your next u/s so we can hear about that hb...whoohoo

mommyin10...wow that does have a nice ring to it, hopefully doing the med for your lining will help.. sounds like your RE has your back girl... that is always a good thing.

hope all is going well with everyone else... have a great week.
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