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health insurance that cover IVF

Anybody know which health insurance company pay for IVF???
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we have United Healthcare through my husband job and they pay for IVF but not for the meds (more than 4000$ each time..)
good luck!
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I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and they pay for 4 IVF attmepts, meds and all. I realize I am quite lucky to have such good coverage.
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I think it depends on your employer most... I also have Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, but they only pay for 1 IVF attempt (and meds).  Thankfully, we got a BFP on our 1st attempt!
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I also have BC/BS that pays for NO fertility treatments, only diagnostic tests & procedures.  Like ZevasMom said, it depends on employer since employers ultimately decide what package they want.
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I have BC/BS Federal. They won't pay for any of the assisted reproduction like IUI or IVF, but they do pay for all the RE visits, meds and ultrasounds.  With all that covered, I paid $300 per IUI and sperm wash.  
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I live in Bay area and my insurance covers no IVF realted stuff. I was planning to change my insurance. I am doing an IVF cycle next month. Some of my results are really bad. Specially the ones related with immunological stuff. Today only my Dr. told me I would have to take an injection for  it each of them costing around 1400 $ and I have to take 8 of them . I am so depressed since i saw that email. Are any of you guys from Bay area and can you plz help me with the insurance stuff .........this is besides the actual IVF cost which might go up to 25K. I don't know how are we gonna get that much money?
Has anyone doing IVF at Zouves fertility center.....
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Im sorry but I dont know. I did IVF and my pregnancy test is TOMORROW!!!!!! I tried to use my insurance (united health care) but they didnt cover anything. I know Im not suposed to worry about it yet because my test is tomorrow and I am Praying I get a positive result.. but I also like to think ahead and I wanted to get information just in case something goes wrong. We paid around 13,000 for the IVF.. I know is a lot of money!! I hope somebody can give you some help... if not post something... hope everything goes well with you and let me know if I can help you in something.. Im in orlando...
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Thanks Roxxyy,

all the best for u for tomorrow. I will pray for u that U get a BFP.....
Yeah my dr. is doing lot of testin which is good...but then its adding up to my expense so much......

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Insurance is one of the rapidly expanding sectors in modern world that's totally true many people still don't know about this and many of them don't want it, but in this face they are wrong, nice post it's so impressive. Thanks for sharing, really useful topic i was searching for this long time back thanks again.

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