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pregnancy chances?

I started the depo provera shots last year (june), and was due for my last one 2nd January just gone. i didnt get the injection as me and my partner now want to start a family. When i was on the injection i was regular with a period every month. see below for regularity:

9 - 11th june,
3-7th july, 9-10th july, 12-13july, 15 - 19th july,
8-10 august, 17-21st august,
30th september - 4th october, 25th -27th october,
31st october - 1st november,
1st - 6th january, 21st - 1st february

its now april and i havent had a period since 21st january.

do i need to wait till i get my next period to be able to fall pregnant? not quite sure whats going on but went to the doctors a month ago for blood tests for pregnancy but they came back negative.

taking folic acid and chaste berry( helps with regular menstruation)  and vitamin d and x3 capsules of magnesium daily, is there anything else that will boost my chances of concieving.

any ideas whats happening anyone?
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Sounds like your body is still working on getting back on track after the depo shots. There is a slight chance that you could get pregnant before you get your period back, but most probably it won't happen until your cycles get regular again. There are a few options that could help. If you continue to have an anovulatory cycle (with no period), you could ask your doctor for a provera, which is a progesterone supplement that mimics your body's natural response to ovulation. It should help you get your period in a couple of week or so. This could help kick-start your cycles again, but it is dependent on your body ovulating on its own again the following cycle. If your body does NOT ovulate on it's own, there are ovulation-indicing drugs out there that can help, like clomid. Best of luck!
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if you get off Depo it will take up to a 6-8 months to fully get out of your system! trust me I was on it for 6 months and got off and it took me 7 months for it to get out of my system
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i recently had a period on 3rd and 4th May. however saying that i think i maybe still stuck in an annovulatory cycle as you may have mentioned.
i am also now taking 4 capsules of epo everyday. is there anything that you can think of that will boost my body out of this annovulation.

i really want to stay natural and not result to clomid if possible.

i was thinking about maybe trying maca capsules as i have heard that  maca will help to boost progesterone therefor if my body is not in balance as in too much estrogen this might help?

i am due for a period about now so i will soon see over the next week how i go but just incase it doesnt arrive your help would be appreciated.
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