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weird protocol... one last IVF cycle....

currently on BCP
also on low dose aspirin, 5000mg Vitamin D, 1200mg Qo10 -- all daily
8/5 - start Androderm patch, 5mg for 12 days
8/12 - last day of BCP
8/14 - start Dexamethazone .5mg day,
8/15 - start Leuprolide microdose (2x day)
8/17 - start FSH (only 75 iu day), and Menopur
8/21 - start Saizen (2.2 mg day for 8 days)

I feel like a lab experiment....

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I haven't even heard of most of those meds!  

Got the asprin and the vitamins...

Androderm- isn't that testosterone?
Got the leuprolide-

What's the rest? lol! :)
Good Luck my long lost friend!!!!
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Androderm is testosterone.... and I guess it helps 'beef up the cycle' for poor eggs...

Saizen is a human growth hormone also used to increase the quality of eggs...

dexamethasone is basically a catabolic steroid to assist with good egg quality...

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Wow... that is different!  I knew the testosterone, cause my hubby took the gel form for a while of that.  
Sounds like your RE might be on to a new protocol there!  I can't wait to see how well it works! : )  
I am so excited for you!!!!!!!  So, I know you said we'd be close together on dates... what's your time line?  I started estrace yesterday.
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Seems this may have been the "miracle protocol" .... just POAS at 10dpo, and it's a faint positive!!!!

also doing/did
- baby aspirin
- lovenox
- acupuncture
- 300 endometrium daily
- 1/2cc PIO daily
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Wow, congratulations!!  Have you ever used the saizen before?  I'd asked my RE about saizen my last cycle but he said he didn't think I would benefit from it much.  It's fairly expensive isn't it?  I wonder if I should ask him about it for my up and coming cycle.  What were your past cycles like?  

Congratulations on your BFP!!
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This was our first round with saizen (7th IVF cycle....)

All of our other  cycles were plain jane - Lupron, FSH, Repronex, HCG trigger...

This IVF cycle, we did a bunch of new things---
Androderm patches
Vitamin D
Baby Aspirin from the start
Menopur (instead of Repronex)
300mg Endometrium + 1/2cc PIO
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Thanks for that!

I'm taking lots of supplements, including myoinositol, melatonin, also taking DHEA.  I take CQ10, and also Vitamin D.  My vitamin D comes in 1,000 iu capsules.  Do you have any idea how that woud convert to 5000mg?  It seems to be really hard to find out how to convert iu measures.   I'm also adding intralipid, prednisone, anti-biotics, and aspirin to my mix, as I have a high ANA, and may have immune issues, despite having had two children easily.  My clinic doesn't use menopur.  I asked about it once, but was told I wouldn't need it as I didn't have a problem with my LH (?).  I really hope all goes well with your pregnancy!!!  It's so exciting!!!  Especially with this having been your 7th cycle!!!  Were those all fresh or were some of those cycles FET?

Take care, and thanks for your help :0)
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