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what is a sample ivf protocol?

We are on CD 1 of our last iui cycle. My insurance covers 1 more iui and then me and my DH move to IVF. My Dh and I will have a consult with our RE either next week or the week after, but I would like some information before we meet with him. I always feel so surprised when we discuss our options and I have trouble thinking of questions on the spot so I want to prepare a few ahead of time. I tend to over-respond to injectables now - does everyone go on birth control before stimming? How long is an ivf cycle? How often do you go in for b/w and u/s? what questions should I ask?

thank you for any advice! Have a great day!
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if you did ivf, how long was your cycle - starting with CD1 of AF - transfer?
did you go on bc before stimming?
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Mine was as follows:
- 2-3 weeks on b/c pills
- Baseline blood work & u/s
- Stims for 4 days, then combo of stims and ganirelix to prevent ovulation for another four days (during this time three appts for blood work and U/S)
- Trigger shot w/retrieval 36 hours later (started antibiotics & prednisone)
- Retrieval (conscious sedation for anesthesia); Day of retrieval started progesterone shots
- Embryo transfer three days after retrieval (started progesterone suppositories as well)
- Blood test is tomorrow (12 days post transfer)
- Took prenatal vitamins before cycle started.  Once I started stimming I also took baby aspirin daily.

I think each doctor decides differently on b/c pills.  My doctor said it helps to get both ovaries to respond at the same time.  My cycle started the last week of July with the b/c/ pills and goes through the blood test tomorrow (Sept 8) so about 6 weeks.

I would ask about the protocol, if you get anesthesia during retrieval (some don't), how many embryos they will let you transfer, if they do frozen cycles should you have enough to freeze.
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Thank you travelcat7! Your protocol is shorter than what I thought. I thought the stimming phase lasted longer. Good questions - I assumed that all freeze, but I probably shouldn't make that assumption.
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