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will i ever get pregnant again

i have always gotten pregnant easy and i have been trying to get pregnant with my new boyfriend and it wasnt woring. my doctor put me on clomid the lowest dose and i gt pregnant that month but it was ectopic pregnancy and they had to remove half my tube it has bee 8 months and i still have not been able to conceive they had put me back on clomid the low dose agin for 2 months now and still no pregnancy im only 32 and i have one daughter i reall want another child will i ever get pregnant again and what can i do or ask my doctor so that i might get pregnant again please help.....

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I am sorry for your loss. When you lose a tube, it takes longer to conceive in most cases. Even though the egg "can" cross over from the ovary with no tube to the other side, it doesn't happen that often. It just all depends on timing and whether or not you are ovulating from the side that has the tube. I know a few ladies here that have only one tube and sometimes they go for several mos b4 they o on the "good" side. It just takes longer.  Have you talked to your dr about monitoring your cycles with u/s to see what side is o'ing so you know when to time for?
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I had a salpingectomy as a teenager because of an ovarian cyst and was able to conceive my two children rather easily, which was surprising!  I'm currently trying to conceive again, but it's been several years since my last pregnancy (my son is now almost 10 and my daughter is 8).  I tried for 7 months, got pregnant last month and miscarried, and now am trying again.  Don't give up hope!  
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