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Could this be Fibromyalgia?

Hello all

I have been having some weird body issues the last couple of weeks that are stressing me out - any comments are appreciated.

34 yr old male from southern Alberta, Canada. Generally good health - exercise 2-3x/wk. Office job at computer all day. Concerning issues have been underway for 4 weeks.

Week #1 - occasional twitchy pinky finger on right hand. Pain in hand, wrist, upper arm. No loss of strength or range. Saw my GP he said it was classic carpel tunnel (ulmer nerve under the elbow). Told to change work station.

Week #2
- minor tingly and some subtle numbness in mostly arms and feet. Tingly and numbness was off and on - seemed to be more at rest and night? Sometimes numb patches upper arm, face, and lips which were short lived. Always able to feel pressure at numb spot - so i guess mild numbness.
- painfull joint aches that rotated - wrist, toes, foot, knee, shoulder etc.
- some lightheadedness and headaches (non-severe)
- Pain under ribs, usually one side, but happened on both left and right. Did not feel like a hug or band, rather a runners stitch. Lasts couple of minutes and leaves but happens 2-3 times a day.
- some pain under my arms right in the pit!.
- dry mouth.
- cold toes.
- occasional upper eyelid twitch.
- intermittent chest pain (likely my GERD and stress?)
- Saw GP - He examined me and stated no strong evidence of anything serious told me to keep an eye on it and if it worsened or new symptoms to come back.

Week #3
- poor mood and outlook - certain i had something awful. Driving my wife crazy.
- tingly mostly hands and feet. 2 nights this week awoke in sweat with fast heart rate and strong tingling bottom of both hands and feet. Other nights slept good.
- Mild numbness in some fingers and toes. Some patchy numbness elsewhere.
- At times mild headache and lightheadedness.
- lesser joint pain and pain under arms.
- occasional upper left eyelid twitch.
- Saw chiropractor - she said i was out of alignment and probably short on magnesium, calcium, and B12.
- Saw GP again. He gave no indication this time just ordered a bunch of tests (i.e. blood work, EMG, referral to neurologist, and head/spine MRI).
- Saw Optometrist - give a clean bill of eye health (i know they can't see full extent).
- no obvious balance, coordination or strength issues.

Week #4
- less tingling and numbness.
- no usual fatigue the last four weeks.
- Rotating aches in joints and bones? - not sensitive to pressure.
- occasional pain in lower ribs and groin area.
- better mental outlook, but still frustrated.
- in the Fall of 2009 i had a CT head scan, neck and chest x-ray, and upper GI test (dx with GERD), heart monitor.

Thus, i look to this online community to see if any of this sounds suspicious or familiar. I will be following through with my tests and appointments, but because i will be such a low priority it will take months to get my tests. Thus, I need to find some piece of mind and context in the meantime.
Thanks and my thoughts and prayers are for you.
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Hello Kenni_S
I am sorry to hear about your situation. Not knowing what is going on with your body is very difficult. Many of us have to deal with this for years. Have you received the results of your MRI, or CT scan yet? Do you know what things your doctor was testing you for in your blood???

You mentioned your bones ached, but they were not sensitive to pressure. To be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, you would need to have 11 of 18 tender points plus some additional symptoms. Does your family have any history of autoimmune illnesses like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Lupus or Thyroid disease? You may want to have the doctors look into this if you do. If your pain persists I think you should mention the notion of Fibromyalgia and ask to be referred to a Rheumatologist.
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You may want to be tested for lyme disease.
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