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Does this sound like CFS?

I am 37 and mother of 4....

It started about a year ago in March. I was stressed and packing for a trip, leaving 4 children with my mom for a weak. I never got a migraine. But, that night I saw stars twinkling. I could only see half of my vision the rest was black-ed out. I felt like knife was in my right eye. It was extremely painful. The muscles in my R eye hurt when I moved my eye. I went to the ER. I figured i was having a migraine. They treated me for the migraine. I went on my trip but the next few days my vision was off  and sunlight was extremely painful but I was out of the country and it passed so I was not concerned about it.

The rest of the year was uneventful till the fall. In fact, I was picking up the hobby of running. I was up to 8 miles. I had pain in my body off and on but figured it was due to wieght lifting, etc. I did notice it was very hard for me to kick a cold or flu. My Dr. had a hard time finding a antibiotic that would work.

Sept. My right calf muscle tore. I had constant tightness in the back of my legs and heels. My Chiropractor told me that all my muscles seem to have tightness. I have always had back pain but that got worse. I jsut could not sleep throught the night without rotating. I started to get hot at night.  I felt like someone was grabbing and pinching the back of my heels.

Winter: I healed enought to start working out but when I ran my right calf muscle had lots of nerve pain and the muscles healed but the nerves were on fire.  Pt only hurt it worse. I tried to go back to running but felt like my injured leg was shorter. My R hip hurt.

A good month or two inbetween....

February:  I started with confusion. I lost the gloves i knitted. Then, 1 week later I lost my winter jacket. I was arguing with my husband about something and said the word "Christmas" instead of the word I meant to say, which had nothing to do with "Christmas". I was shocked by it. My 10 year old comment on it. I have found trouble finding the right words (not usually an issue for me regularly ;)....so I stumble slightly. I get frustrated with this. I have become very flightly. I have to remind myself about things that usually are given "pick up daughter from preschool"...remember it is Easter this weekend so get basket goodies".

The month has been the worst. I can't believe all the following started in just one month. It started with tightness in legs so much so that I had to limp, mostly right leg. I found myself holding myself up by leaning on the counter. I had constipation. I had wierd feelings in my pelvis and privates...like pins and needles. My hips started to feel like they were tightning together, especially the right hip. I was on couch bound on Tramadol, tyelnol, and steriods (steriods just for 1 week).   My chiropractor could not touch me thought I had several bulged discs. MRI showed a tiny one...which concerned my Physiatrist who ordered blood work for arthritis and lymes...etc. All negative results.  And so he told me to make a Neuro appointment (that appointment took 5 weeks to book). I am going next week.

My shoulders started to feel tight if I layed on my side.

The next week I lost 5 pounds in 1 day...just from urination. The next 5 days I lost 3 more.

The next morning, when I was enjoying my morning eating breakfast, I was feeling my chest tighten and my heart beat wierd. I went to ER. My breathing felt heavy. The monitor was showing my heart rate racing up and down. They thought I had a blood clot in my lungs but CAT scan showed i was o.k..

That evening my face went numb, the muscle I use to smirk. It felt like it fell for several minutes and then it went back in place. After that it felt like you do when you get novicane. I kept touching it because it felt numb for 1 1/2 hours.

Two days later I felt myself get dizzy and lightheaded. It happen a couple times in one day. I got scared between that and some shoulder pain/ pinching. I went back to ER adn they checked heart again. BP was extremely low. They said I had vertigo. They hydrated me and sent me home with script for vertigo.

Good days and bad days and symptoms were there one day and managable for a couple and horrible for a couple.

Lately my right thumb started to have wierd feelings, pain, numbness. One night I gave up my facebook habit and went to bed because my thumb pain and my hands felt tight. Knitting is painful one night and o.k. another. My left pointer finger acted up...same feeling so I found myself massaging my right thumb and my left pointer to ease the pain.

Last week I was having a good day so I went to the gym. I thought "I am not sick, I feel great today". I worked out really hard (elliptical 30 minutes and wieght lifted with free wieghts 30 minutes). The next day I was dizzy and then had flu like symptoms. My body felt bruised and I took a 3 hour nap because I was in so much pain.  This made me think I have Chronic Fatigue syndrome.

I ended up full circle the other day with right eye pain. It felt like a knife was in the inner corner of it...but it was not ER worthy. It went away after a couple hours and just visited on and off hte next day with no vision problems.

Thanks for reading this extremely long post. For me, I had to get this out. My husband sees that there is really something going on even though he did not believe me at first. He is very concerned that I cannot wait even one more day to see the Neuro (who I see in 1 week). Everyday, I expeirence something new in addition to my current continued pains and dizziness.  I can go 3 days with just leg tightness/back pain and then get some new random thing like explained above.

Will I just continue to go downhill. I feel like I am falling apart.

My day yesterday:
problems with hands while writing typing (muscle/nerve pain)
needle ***** feeling in knee cap?
dehydrated so I drank water...then felt really dizzy
heated same cup of coffee and forgot about it 3 times in 20 minutes. Five times over all.
arm pain
pain in right ear related to neck?
back pain that woke me up, as usual

What do you think?
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I also forgot to note that I have neg. results for RA, lymes. I am currently being tested for B12 definciency and have a Neuro appointment for next week. My Physiatrist and Chiro are confused by my amount of pain....
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What lyme disease test did you have?  IF it was the ELISA you may want to have a western blot run as the ELISA is not very accurate and there can be false negatives.  You live in a lyme endemic state.
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