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Fibromyalgia and Numbness

Does anybody get numbness with their fibromyalgia? If so, please can you explain where you get it and how long it last for? Do you get any other symptoms with the numbness?
The reason i ask is for the past week i have been experiencing some numbess in my arms and legs along with pinching type pains in my back and neck. When i say numbness, i can still feel everything, i guess it is just like a slight lack of sensation
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Yes from head to toe but it is mostly gone since I had treatment for possible lyme.  I had it continuously for almost a year and a half.  Is lyme a possibiliy for you?  
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Im not sure if you get lyme disease in the uk? I will bring it up with gp and see what she says
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Yeppers, all the time numbness, In my arms ,wrists to be exact. The same sensations as you wrote.Can't cross my legs, they will get numb, and fall asleep. Needles etc. It lasts for a few minutes, I have to change positions to stop it. Then it happens all over again.
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Yes, got to the point where I had numbness and pain almost everywhere.  If you know a specific area you may want to try what helped me.  Massage the area that seems swollen (thats what causes the numbness, the soft tissue swells).  After massaging and heat application you will probably find a small ball at the core of the swelling.  Massage it as much as you can , apply as much heat as you can, do that as many days as it takes until its gone.  At first you may find those spots come back but be persistent and they will get better.  Get dietary information and as much other information you can about fibro its a very complex condition.

The link above takes you to a Fibromyalgia & Fatigue center site where there is a great audio of their Drs answering questions and giving information.  Its very comprehensive and you can download their written portion, which really helps explain a lot in this complex condition. The first download page "What Happens When You Have FM/CFS" diagram really clarifies a lot.
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If it goes along with a pain in your neck, especially a sharp pain, it sounds like a pinched nerve.  When you touch the pain at your neck does the skin feel numb right at the pain?  If you press does the pain feel hot/cold and knife like?  That is a pinched nerve.  A chiropractor can get an entraped nerve out one two three.

My husband and I were rouseing on the floor once and he lifted my legs, Crazy man lol, and a big crack.  Now this is to a greater extent than what you are dealing with.  My neck froze and my arm went numb. There is the connection.

Now I get, many years later, being a wild woman and messing my neck a multitude of times, ha ha, the pain in the neck (not my husband)  that you might be getting.

Most people are prone to their hands falling asleep and getting pins and needles from blocking blood flow.  Once blood flow resumes that is what we feel after the numbness that we call pins and needles..

Have a great day.
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