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Hi I am pretty for sure I have Fibromyalgia some of my symptoms include Soar and stiff muscles in my legs and I just have a Flu like feeling all the time and also the pressure points you have. I have those also. Does this sound like Fibromyalgia to you.
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Could be but things like lyme disease, autoimmune disorders need to be ruled out.
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I had to have Lupus and MS ruled out before we conculded that it was indeed Fibromyalgia.  It is often hard to tell for sure because the symptoms are so all-encompassing.  I did a lot of research myself and had my doctor write me a referral to a rheumatologist because my doctors kept telling me I was "depressed" and that fibro was a "waste-basket" diagnosis.  I was thinking.."if you don't HELP me...I'm going to BE depressed, thank you very much!" It was difficult but almost a relief when I found out for sure.  Your symptoms sound like Fibromyalgia but could also be other things like more severe autoimmune disorders or a thyroid condition...good luck to you and hang in there, I know how difficult this can be!
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Thank you for your help! I also have a similar story every time I go to docters they are all the time saying that this is all in my head and that I'm "Deppressed" and I all the time am telling then NO I"M NOT but they won't listen to me it even went as far as them trying to make me go talk to somebody but I refused to because I know that my symptoms are real and it's not just in my head. But finnaly my family docter has reffered me to somebody in Lexington and she is actually listening to me and trying to figure it. Hopefully soon I will get a Diagnosis!

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Hi Carisa,

I read your post in the allergy forum about being diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. Your chronic sinusitis symptoms can be muscle aches and symptoms similiar to CFS. (I've read about this).

So have you seen an ENT physician yet for your chronic sinus condition ?


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