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Natural Progesterone Cream for Fibro.

Has anyone tried natural progesterone cream for treatment of fibromyalgia??  I was diagnosed with fibro. a year ago and my symptoms have gotten worse and worse since then. I sought the care of a certified natural healthcare practitioner for fibro. after no luck with my rheumatologist and was then diagnosed with a severe progesterone deficiency.  My natural healthcare practitioner said fibro. is linked to or even caused by a progesterone deficiency.  
I was having all the symptoms of fibro. including the muscle pain and stiffness all over, muscle spasms, sleep problems, irritable bowel, anxiety, depression, fatigue, etc. (the lastest is GERD).  Unfortunately when I started the progesterone cream, my pain, muscle spasms, anxiety and sleep problems got worse.  I was advised that this can happen initially as some woman convert progesterone into testosterone and estrogen first, but this should improve.  I am worried it may not improve and was hoping others had experiences with natural progesterone cream.  
I am desparate for something to help.  Any other suggestions for successful fibro. treatment?? I have tried amitryptiline, trazadone, muscle relaxants, ativan and numerous natural herbs and amino acids. Ativan is the only thing that seems to help relax my muscles and my mind to sleep, but this can be addictive and does not work all the time.  I have also sought massage and chiropractic treatment, though these get expensive. Does Lyrica or Neurotin help?  Thanks!
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I also have Fibro, diagnosed abt 7 yes ago.  i have had a complete hysteroctomey so this is interesting to me. I stopped taking the prescribed hormones when the scare came up a few years back as had a lot of fibrocystic breast, pain that ran from the arm pit on the right side to the breast. I had ask to be taken off several years bf that but of course was talked out of it.
Now am going to Physicians Asst for my  med care. I was using trazadone at night for sleep but it left me groggy in the AM's. Have tried Lyrica and Cymbalta. I did not contiue the Lyrica and only tried the Cymbalta for a few days ----- they were samples and should probably go back and finish them up. With so many scares in the prescribed medecines these days, i am leery of taking anything but the  Trazadone does have some history by now.
Seem to be having a good bit of trouble with the IBS and recently read that certin kinds of Calcium are consitpating.  I had been talking a Bone Builder for Osteo and a Cal-mag also plus D.  I am now wondering if the Calcium is causing this. Have had these spells bf but not as bad or lasting as long.  A lot of aching thru my hips, tailbone and down the inside of the left leg to the knee. It's worse at night so sleep a part of the night in a recliner which helps some.  Have also had L4 back surgery so that may acct for some of the pain--nerve pain--  who knows ?
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Interesting....I've been using this for hot flashes but only for 2 weeks out of the month.  I'll try it all the time and see what happens.
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I am only to use it days 12-26 of my menstrual cycle to imitate the body's natural cycle. I have read that some people use it all of the time, but with caution because you don't want to have too much progesterone. I would seek the advice of a professional before using it all of the time. There is evidence that it helps with pain associated with fibro., so using it all the time would make sense, but check into first.
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Natural progesterone is different from the synthetic hormones.  It doesn't cause the side effects that are prominent with synthetic hormones.  There are ways to replace both estrogen and progesterone naturally.  I know that doctors use to give only estrogen which is unsafe when not balanced by progesterone.
As far as the Trazadone-it did the complete opposite to me - Instead of sleepy, I was wide awake and it made my burning pain worse. What did Lyrica do for you?
There is a med. called Neurotin which is like Lyrica, but been around longer. I have a cousin who uses it for nerve pain, so I was thinking about trying the Neurotin.  I don't trust medications either, but when your entire body aches and is stiff everyday, it may be necessary. A doctor recommended I try Cymbalta, but I haven't.  It is a drug that's only been out 4 years.
I was taking samples of Cal-Mag plus D from my natural practitioner, but went back to Oscal and taking magnesium separately for now.  The magnesium should help with the constipation.  I find so does ground flax seed which can be purchased at a healthfood store. Drinking a lot of water helps too.
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