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The medicine I'm on is making it hard for me to get to sleep at night.  I fall asleep, but not as easily as I should and then I never reach a very deep sleep.  It's like I'm always aware of what's going on through the night-in a very light sleep.  Then I'll toss and turn most of the night.

Does anyone have any non medication suggestions for sleeping better?  I tried Lavender oil last night (On my pillow) and I actually think it helped a little.  Any other ideas?
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What meds are you taking?  I'm on Remeron for depression (helped sleep a bit) but when I started on Lyrica I stopped waking up at all (was waking 2 or 3 times a night).
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I'm currently on Pristiq, but that may change as they are leaning now more towards a Fibromyalgia dx and not just depression.  Although, my neuro did say that Pristiq would probably help with the fibro symptoms as well and with my headaches.  I do have less headaches and feel better mood and concentration wise, but I'm not sure how long I will be able to tolerate not sleeping.  I almost hate to stop the pristiq, though, because I really do feel it is helping me....but, maybe there is something better for me.
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I finally was able to see the specialist and apparently sleep is MOST important with FMS. I have realized it is so true and am going to keep a journal to see what my symptoms are compared to the amount of sleep I get. I'm not sure about what meds to take to sleep, but I would suggest not taking meds you don't have to if they interfere with your sleep. Years ago I took Paxil and it made me sleep  and I remember all my pain going away. Noone seemed to care back then as I hadn't been diagnozed with FMS yet. Doctors just said maybe I needed the sleep hence I was sleeping so much.

The specialist I rececently told me not to nap at all (that will be hard) and not to consume any food or beverage with caifiene after twelve noon. He is going to have my GP prescribe a specific antidepressant tomorrow that is supposed to help with sleep though I did not complaign of sleep, he knew I wasn't getting enough. Aparantly I need 9-10 hours a day. He said my symptoms will be directly related to the amount of sleep I have the previous day. I will let you know tomorrow what I am given.

It is so true though, I was on an RV trip and 3 nights ago I slept a 9 1/2 hrs. The next day I was walking up hills and had lots of energy, the next night I didnt' get enough sleep as one of the kids alarms went off early in the morning. The whole day my neck and upper back hurt. Then last night I only had 4 hours sleep. The neck and upper back are not as bad, but I can't walk on my right leg!
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