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I was diganosed with fibro in 2005. I have a problem with vomiting nearly on a daily bases I was diganosed with gastroparithsis this was caused by my fibro it has caused the bottom part of my stomach to not digest properly,I now have a new symtom I have vertigo and memory loss I start to say one thing and it comes out as something different I also forget simple things like puting lunchmest on a a sandwich,I could always multi task and now I can barely do one thing without a problem, my husband is a sweetheart and moniters me to make sure I dont endanger myself.I even forget the way home from the grocery store I have to call and get directions.Can this be a symptom of my fibro ? I have had some pretty weird symptoms from it so far.
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First of all believe in the power of your mind to heal your body . I recommend the book "The magic of believing" , tell yourself that you are getting better . Your cognitive difficulty is known as fibrofog or brainfog . Less blood could be flowing to your brain and/or it is overwhelmed by pain signals . Take omega 3 fish and flax oils and gingko biloba along with good b vitamins / multivitamins . Brain fog is common in chronic pain conditions . Also try to avoid wheat completely for few days and see it helps (wheat gluten allergy) , Take lots of rest , I am taking cymbalta and it has helped me with pain and brain function . Never loose hope , we are in this together , you will feel better soon .
I was reading reviews of a product called IMMUNE26 made from egg powder . It boosts your immune system and has helped many with chronic fatigue and fibro pain . Do a google search . Please try the product .
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I haven't heard of fibromyalgia causing this type of disruption to anyones body.  If you are vomiting on a daily basis, you are depleting your electrolytes and could also suffer from dehydration or malnutrition.  Any of these could cause problems with dizziness and forgetfulness.  It could be contributed to fibromyalgia, but I pray that you are still under a physicians care for your gastric problem because your symptoms could be a result of that as well.

Also, prior to adding any form of herbal, homeopathic or vitamins to your diet please check with your physician.  Some can have serious interactions with prescribed medications or other over-the-counter drugs.

I hope you are feeling better soon.  Take care.
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You know, the symptoms you're describing sound very similar to neurological symptoms.  Have had an MRI to check for anything unusual in your brain?  The vomiting, forgetting how to get home, trying to say one thing and something else comes out, are all neurological sounding.  It sounds beyond fibro fog to me.  I think you should see your doctor RIGHT AWAY and make sure you tell them exactly as you did here.  I don't want to scare you, but I  think sometimes us fibro patients have a tendency to blow everything off as Fibro related, and we do need to listen to our bodies for other things as well.  Please let us know how you're doing.  Take care and be careful.
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If you are throwing up and losing your electrolytes, it can cause kidney damage, too.  I went for two weeks of severe nausea and vomiting, until I got to the point where I wasn't able to even hold down water.

I went to the e.r., because I knew this was bad and wasn't getting any better.  It seemed to only keep getting worse.  I was right about that part.

Since I have gone in to the e.r. a few times because of by IBS with nausea and vomiting, I thought this was my IBS this time, too.  I thought I would just be put on IV fluids and given medication through the IV and would be going home after that, like before.  

Not this time!  Was I ever surprised when the e.r. doctor said I was to be hospitalized and the problem was with my kidneys!  I was kept in the hospital for five days.  While I was in the hospital is when the kidney pain started.  Miserable!

Eventhough I still had the severe nausea, after five days it was decided that they would release me.  This was at the beginning of September.  It wasn't until the middle of October that the nausea finally subsided enough that I could tolerate it to a degree.  The good anti-nausea medication I had in the hospital wasn't available to me outside of the hospital.

To this day, no one knows why my kidneys failed on me like this, then mysteriously and slowly proceeded to get better on their own.  They're still not at a normal stage, though, and I will still feel the pain in my right kidney from time to time.

Don't put this off.  See your doctor and find out what the source of the nausea and vomiting is!
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The fish oil and the flax oil are excellent choices.  I'm wary of the ginko biloba, because I have Oral Allergy Syndrome and a list of food sensitivities and allergies a mile long.  This involves tree pollen allergies and allergie to tree nuts.  IMMUNE26 isn't going to be good for all people.  Some of us are sensitive to or allergic to eggs.
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Thank You for your advice, Ive been thinking the same thing, But it seems that every time I go to the DR they pass everything off as fibro. All the specialest I have gone to   tell me that fibro mimics other things, Like I have carpel tunnel that really isnt, its the fibro mimicing it. and my Gastro specialest has told me that my Gastroparesis which is the cause of my constant vomiting is caused by my fibro he put me on reglan However I could not take it or Lyrica due to other  illnesses. Could you tell me what your fibro is like? My Doctors have giving me a total disability, and I now get S.S. And I have been told not to do any repetative movements for more than 20 minutes at a time, then im to stop and rest for 20 minutes, I also go to a neurologist, and a pain management specialest.  However I dont think they really understand this desease.That is why I am looking for answers from others who suffer with fibro. Again Thanks and God Bless
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Hi again. I was diagnosed in 1997 with fibro.  I think my worst symptom is the deep pain in my muscles and joints.  I have alot of UTI's, vaginitis, yeast infections, headaches and fatigue.  I tried to get disability and was denied.  Then I got on the fentynal patch for pain and felt I could work cause it helped my pain tremendously.  I have also taken Norco for 3 years.  I recently went off of my patch due to no insurance. (It's very expensive). I actually feel better. Pain is worse but I'm not as tired and sleepy.  I've had all kinds of weird little things like the fibro fog, (confusion, forgetfulness, clumsiness), but nothing like what you described. I just had carpal tunnel surgery. If they didn't do the electrode test on you for that, I would request it.  That's how it should  be diagnosed.  Also, lots of tingling in my legs when I'm standing, I've fallen down for no apparent reason, I think my muscles just give out and down I go.  
Your symptoms concerned me because I've never heard of vomiting as a symptom. Also, the other symptoms together with that would really be a HUGE red flag. The vertigo, forgetting how to get home, thinking you're saying one thing, and something else coming out.  You really need to talk to your neurologist, and if he/she doesn't listen or blows it off without any testing, I'd find another one.  
Fibro fog is annoying, not usually dangerous in my opinion, and I've dealt with this disease for eleven years.  Please just at least talk to your doc.  K?  You have a good night and let me know how things go. TTYL  
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You need MRI of the brain to rule out things like MS , etc ... They may also do a spinal tap and some balancing tests to rule out neurological problems ....
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I would suggest getting checked for lyme disease as well.  Unfortunately, it seems that once there is a fibro diagnosis they blame everything on it.  I also agree that a neuro eval would be a good idea too.
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I go back to the Dr in Feb, I will take your advice and have this checked into,and will let you know it goes. Again Many Thanks, and god Bless . I hope all goes well for all of you.And have a very Merry Christmas.
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