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Can my stomach acid be reduced from taking PPIs?

I have hypothyroidism and I’m taking a lot of medication now these days I’ve been not feeling well for the past year at all. I was told by my endocrinologist the other day that every day I take omeprazole, my medication won’t help me much. We’re talking about vitamin D calcium magnesium my T3 and my T4 medication my Crestor so on and so forth. And it shows I mean I have aged 10 years in the last five. At any rate I wanted to know what the best way is to test stomach acid levels?  I have been 10 days without omeprazole it took a long time for me to get this far. The acid reflux would hurt so badly I didn’t think I could take it. I changed my eating habits when and what I eat. And I have been offsetting the issue with Tom’s. I’ve read as much as I can understand about a lack of stomach acid and the bodies in ability to absorb nutrients into the tissue. I’ve been working really hard over the last two years checking my blood levels every six weeks and so on to get better and then I find out that I’ve reduced my chances of my medication helping to near nothing.  So that’s the skinny. I would love to hear from someone with experience and or medical knowledge about it thank you
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