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Can upper back pain be related to Gerd?

I've been suffering from various symptoms for more then half a year now.  It all started around Christmas time maybe even before that and I probably didn't even realize it.  But the first thing was that I lost my voice.  It felt as if I had laryngitis.  But the only problem was that it lasted for few months.  So I began to worry, and around January I went to an ENT Dr. and he diagnosed me with Gerd.  He put me on Nexium which restored my voice more or less back to normal.  But aside from my voice, I was having other symptoms too.  For a while there I thought I had some kind of stomach problem too because at different times, I felt bloatedness, upper abdomen pain, pressure under my breast, felt shortness of breath, and tightness in stomach muscles and what really scared me was the upper back pain like I had never felt before.  I was really worried now, so I went to Gastroentologist and he performed endoscopy, abdominal sonogram, CT scan and chest x-ray.  All of these tests came out normal.  I was sure I had a gallbladder or something like that.  But no, he didn't find anything except for quiet small stones in both kidneys.  

Eventually the stomach bothered me less and less, and what mostly now bothers me is my pain in my upper back (which is there all the time, I don't remember the last time I had a comfortable night of sleep).  Sometimes it gets so bad I wake up from sleep.  And often times it's accompanied with an ache in the middle of my chest (right between the two breasts) or sometimes more to the left breast - actually feels like where the heart is, but then I'm not sure. Oh, and the breathing problem is always there too, everyday.  Not all day, but like it could start around 4 or 5 pm and last for couple hours. Because of all this, I then decided to go visit pulmonologist and cardiologist cause I was thinking maybe it could be lungs or heart.  I'm an x-smoker by the way.  I just quit smoking almost 2 weeks ago.  So both those doctors performed tests (someking of long breathing test to check lung function...pulmonologist said I don't have anything that I'm breathing perfect, that I have no asthma, no COPD, no Emphysema, and no alergies).  The cardiologist also didn't find anything wrong with me.  He did an EKG, Echo songoram, and a stress test.  Everything is fine.  

So this is where I am at this point...I still have these symptoms:  breathing problems, backpain.
I don't know what to do next...I'm thinking maybe to go back to either ENT or Gastro doctor to get an esaphagus function test done.  Maybe there is more damage then just my voice.  Maybe the breathing problem is from damaged lungs by acid.  But then again, wouldn't that be noticed on a lung x-ray?  And what about my back pain?  Is this all related, or is back pain could be a pinched nerve?  Should I go see a back specialist?  

Anyway, I'm out of my whitts right now, I don't know what to do next, all I know is that I feel bad everyday, for more then a half a year.  My family is really affected by all this, because I'm in real depression because of all of this.  I am frustrated that no doctor can find anything to help me.  And I feel like this is the end of the road for me.

If anyone has any suggestions please help me...

Thanks all.

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Oh, and one other thing... I've been told to stay away from chocolote, peppermint, coffee, spicy foods,etc.  All I pretty much can handle except for coffee.  I love to drink coffee like 3 or 4 times a day.  However, in the past week, I've switched from regular to decaf.  I think that decaf is not a danger to acid reflux, is that true?  Anybody know?

Thanks again.
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decaf coffee is supposed to be alright. stay away from caffeine ( tea, coffee choc., like you said) and if you want tea or coffee get them decaf. I hope you feel better soon. hang in there.
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I too am having the same type of problems.. Especially the BACK pain!
It is awful!! I have not been to a dr.  But I self diagnose myself all the time, just by reading everyone's posts. I do believe it is GERD! I started taking Prilosec one in the AM and it definitely helps.. It still flairs up if I drink wine or my Diet cokes, but It definitely is better. Try it and see.
Good luck!
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unfortunately both wine and diet coke can be aggravating factors.  happens to me, too, with the wine.  also, not sure if listed above but chocolate is a no no, too!

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I read an article yesterday about regular coffee vs. decaf.  It turns out that decaf coffee is worse for us then regular.  It has more acidity and other adverse reactions then regular coffee, and is said to be very harmful for people with Gerd condition.  

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I guess my GI is giving wrong information, they had also told my dad after his triple bypass surgery to only drink decaf and that is what he has been drinking ever since... who knows what to believe?
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Hello Fearlesswoman, I have been dealing with this since June last year.  It has just gone south ever since .. no doctor can specifically state what the problem is.  Everything you wrote, I felt like I was reading about myself ...  I wanted to know since your last posts, any updates ?
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