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GERD and Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Hi everyone.

I have had GERD for almost 10 years.  Could tell you everything about the moment it began.  

Anyway, since having it I've sought medical attention and treatment.  I've taken Nexium, and Ranitidine.  Not constantly, just when it flares up.  

Now, every 2 years or so something happens where it flares up and my whole threat is burned.  Usually it's eating something bad late at night AND stress.  Never one or the other but the combination of the two will cause this to happen.  Not always but every 2 years or so.

My grandma had GERD and she passed away in 2014 because of Pulmonary Fibrosis.  Was very sad.  Back then it was believed that exposure to asbestos was the culprit.  Today I sought more answers and ways to treat my burned throat, as I had to call out from work.  I am hoarse!  And I sound like Christian Bale's Batman.  My job requires me to be on the phones for 8 hours.

Anyway, now I am reading there is a connection between GERD and the devasting and serious Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Can someone tell me if there's a way I can prevent this!?  What's the statistics that it will happen?!  Is it a sure thing it'll progress?!  Does genetics play a role in it!?

Thank you!
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Hey man. I've having a very annoying shortness of breath due to LPR/GERD. I hope fibrosis won't hit me. I'm terrified!
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I don't think genetics play a great role.
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Yeah, it's not the best outcome that's for sure.  

But I mean... is it a natural progression to those that have GERD?

I'm 32... do I have time to reverse any of the damage?
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