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Gas causing all kinds if issues

I have Gerd and very frequently,  almost everyday, have intestinal gas. Most of the time I can feel it in my stomache and chest. Whenever I am having alot of gas I get light headed, short of breath, and get pain in my left shoulder. I also sometimes begin to feel extremely tired. This can happen a couple times a day. I feel like this is uncommon.. is it?
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Yes, those are pretty extreme symptoms.  Are you sure they are related to GERD? What about irritable bowel syndrome.  Those are actually more the symptoms of that issue.  Do you have a regular doctor you see?  
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I do also have irritable bowel syndrome,  yes.
Okay. I think you are actually having symptoms of your IBS. Do you see a doctor for that?  What do you do to treat the IBS?  That may need to be adjusted.
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