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gallbladder and ongoing nausea

i have on going nausea and undergoing tests for gallbladder problems. I ws perescribed lansoprazole which worked instantly. however after over 2 weeks of no nausea and feeling great the nause has returned....has anyone any words of advice and what i can do to reduce it? my blood levels all came bck clear except for the pancreas one??? which shows levels of 130 as opposed to recommened 100. any advice welcomed, thank you
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Hi...have u been checked for H.Pylori?

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Hi Selma
Im just awaiting results, prob get them early next week. think thats what the doc is thinking too. Scan of gallbladder area just came back clear.

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Just a FYI- the antibiotics they may put u on can cause a flare of the reflux...and  it can also kill off all the good bacteria u need causing the flare...ask about DIFLUCAN to avoid a yeast issue and a probiotic to balance out ur system.

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