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reflux, burning and left sided pain

I posted about a year ago with the same symptoms. They have been gone for a year and three months. Does anyone get better and then relapse. I thought I was having a heart attack again so went to the emergency room and my cardiologist....all was well. The pain is under my ribs on left and under my shoulder blade. I wake up with reflux and the feeling of burning and acid in throat. Has anyone else had this relapsing? I hate to get back on PPIs but will see my gastroenterologist next week. Last time a supplement called Zypan really helped, but a this time, not so much.
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hello. i had the same symptom of yours. but whenever i eat breakfast my gerd or acid reflux attacks. that is everyday after breakfast. then after 3 hours it subsides. the only problem is the anxiety caused by it and the dizziness.
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  Hi yes it is possible to go for a long while without symptoms and for a flare up to occur.....

For some a cold or flu to cause a fare up for others meds  like antibiotics can also cause a flare ....

Stress is also another  possible trigger for a flare....

Diet is always a possible trigger so keep a journal to see if you can locate your triggers to better avoid them.

When in a flare you may need to use meds if diet and lifestyle modifications do not calm down the symptoms.
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