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Part 1: Unrelated Symptoms? Apparently not.

This is a complete history of my medical issues since birth. If you don't want to read all of this (don't blame you) skip to the bottom for the solution I finally found for ALL of these things. I'm not selling anything! This is a legitimate post from a fellow sufferer that actually came back (never posted before just read in search of answers) to post this for others still searching. Go to 2018 for ultimate solution found.
1968 – present – Chronic ear and sinus infections, currently still have tubes in my ears, more rounds of antibiotics than I could count. As a child pretty much stayed on them.
1971 – tonsils and adenoids removed at 3 years old
1973 – Surgery on urethra so I wouldn’t wet the bed until I was a preteen (at least that’s what I was told as to why)
1974-1990 – chronic ear infections, sinus infections, difficult periods, heavy bleeding
1991 – Gave birth to one and only child, both of us had the flu during delivery and pumped with antibiotics even though I thought the flu was a virus
1991 – developed migraines at about this time
1991-1998 – chronic ear infections, sinus infections, migraines, difficult periods, heavy bleeding
1999 - Right side abdominal pain from under rib cage to midway between ribs and pelvis) – This pain I have had pretty much nonstop since this time but seems to flare up really bad from time to time
2001 – diagnosed with anxiety (evidently had it since I was a kid and just didn’t realize it)
2001 – Told I had ulcerative colitis (by a PA at the gynecologists office and sent me for a colonoscopy. Was told nothing wrong and that I “had an extra turn in my colon” and needed to take the anxiety medication I had been prescribed by another doctor that my symptoms were all caused by anxiety
2002 – Diagnosed with an 8lb cyst because I kept going back to the dr over two years with complaints and periods so heavy I thought I was going to hemorrhage to death. The cyst was removed but the dr wouldn’t perform a hysterectomy, said I was too young at 35.
2003-2004 – went on Atkins diet and lost a lot of weight, I had problems with diarrhea a lot
2005 – Gallbladder removed – after going to dr for stabbing pain in middle right back, they said it wasn’t performing correctly and no stones, before this surgery I had diarrhea ALL THE TIME, after surgery, still had right side pain all the time after the surgery. I had lost a lot of weight during this time from so many digestive problems, people thought I had an eating disorder but didn’t, however, the entire time I was small I had a Pygmy belly and was always asked if I was expecting
2005 – Had the Novasure procedure where the lining of the uterus is incinerated off to eliminate heavy menstrual bleeding. Praise GOD! That was the most awful thing to deal with monthly for almost a week! Sometimes I couldn’t even go to work!
2006 – Developed sore/achy  joints almost to the point of not being able to walk, heavy feeling in right leg in particular from knee to ankle but it didn’t look different
2007 – Had a serious ear infection, dr sent me for a scan of my head (think it was a MRI or CT) because he was concerned the infection had gotten into the bone. Turned out it hadn’t but it scared me enough that I quit smoking cigarettes and never looked back
2007 - Changed diet and started exercising, over time the joint problems went away as well as the belly bloat but at this point didn’t really connect that it could be connected to specific foods I might not be eating, lost 60 lbs. Looking back I ate pretty much the same thing every day and wasn’t eating a lot of calories (about 1500 a day), walking about 4-6 miles 6x a week, felt a lot better and slept great.
2008-2009 – Life changed and gained weight back over time and symptoms would come and go or flare up seemingly out of nowhere, I’ve always tried to eat right, but over time, the better I ate the worse I felt.
2010 – Started dieting and exercising again, was doing great and then injured my leg and groin muscles from a sprinting session. Had a flare of symptoms and then started to have serious inflammation problems in my joints thus couldn’t seem to fully recover from the injury. Stopped walking and running altogether because it would cause the symptoms to get much worse and take days to get over just walking. My diet may have contributed to this, not sure, don’t remember exactly what I was eating at the time.
2010 – Saw an ortho, said no arthritis or anything to indicate an injury when reviewing an x-ray, no other tests performed
2011 – gynecologist referred me to a general surgeon to have a “hernia” removed but instead had 2 lymph nodes removed because it was not a hernia once the surgeon got in to look, it got rid of the groin pain but did not resolve my leg pain
2012 – Began to associate my leg pain with when I was constipated (which was a lot, pretty unbelievable since I’d had the opposite problem for so long!) Once I had my gall bladder removed I seemed to gravitate toward being constipated more than having diarrhea over time. At this point I never had diarrhea anymore unless I was actually sick with a bug. I learned that I could not take gas X for bloating and gas as this would make the constipation worse.
2012 – Got a serious ear infection and was put on 40 days of antibiotics
2012 – after a particularly bad flare, had veins checked in my legs trying to figure out why my leg and abdomen was hurting, all normal
2012 – after another flare, went to another ortho doctor, got an MRI said they couldn’t find anything wrong that would cause my leg to hurt. By now my leg is swelling at the top of my thigh and the lower right side of my abdomen is swelling slightly.
2013 – after another flare, I went to a third ortho doctor for an epidural procedure to my SI joint to attempt to resolve the leg pain, it seemed to partially relieve the pain but it never completely went away, just made it more tolerable.
2013 – after another bad flair, had a hysterectomy, dr said that my uterus had grown onto the pelvic wall and that he also took out scar tissue left from the surgery in 2003 from the removal of the ovarian cyst, did not have ovaries or cervix removed, still didn’t resolve the side and leg pain
2014 – Developed rash on face along with swelling of face, hands and feet
2014 – After another flare of symptoms that included some pretty intense rectal pains I went to a colorectal dr that told me I had lymphedema and so I found someone in that field and confirmed that’s what I had and prescribed compression garments but they made me claustrophobic and I couldn’t wear them. When I did wear them it still didn’t help with the pain.
2014 – Since losing weight was supposed to help with lymphedema I began following a low carb diet to try and lose weight since I couldn’t walk anymore.
2015 – Leg pain began to slowly get better over the next several months but never completely resolved.
2015 – cervix started falling out of my vagina so was prescribed a pessary to hold it up because I didn’t want any more surgeries. I was still having rectal cramping and suspect it was because my bladder and colon were pulling internally because my uterus wasn’t there to hold them in place anymore, once I got the pessary I haven’t had any more problems.
2015 – had an attack that can only be described as food poisoning or a parasite where I couldn’t control my bowels and soiled myself while at the doctor’s office being treated for it. They never confirmed that I had a parasite, they just said they gave me two parasite medicines and an antibiotic as a precaution. It very well could have been a parasite because I was staying with my cousin while visiting her and she boards animals so has a ton of animals in her house AND I ate COOKED oysters and I never eat oysters.

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