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Gallbladder Biopsy Report

History: Cholecystitis with polyp.

Gross:: Specimen container is labeled with the patient's name and medical record number and unmarked for
site.Received in formalin is an intact cholecystectomy specimen measuring 7.0 cm x 3.0 cm x 3.0 cm.
External surface is unremarkable showing no rupture or hemorrhage. On opening, the lumen of the
gallbladder is filled with bile. No stones are identified. Mucosa is velvety and green. Maximum thickness
of the gallbladder wall is 0.2 cm. Cystic duct resection margin there is a hard nodule measuring 0.5 cm x
0.5 cm x 0.5 cm. Cut surface is tan white in colored. There is no polyp identified in the gallbladder.
Representative sections are taken and submitted as follows:-
A) Cystic duct resection margin and neck of the gallbladder; B) Body and fundus of the gallbladder; C)
Gallbladder wall; D) Hepatic bed resection margin.

Micro: Sections show gallbladder mucosa lined by tall columnar epithelium with uniform basally located nuclei.
There is transmural fibrosis, muscle hypertrophy, chronic inflammation and Rokitansky Aschoff sinuses.

Diagnosis:Chronic cholecystitis.
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Given the biopsy and the previous imaging showing now abnormal wall thickness or inflammation, the diagnoses make sense. Monitoring couple of times a year makes sense though, just to be sure. Your insurance company may fight, but you can work with your doctor to force it thru.
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meant "no" abnormal wall thickness ...

You seem to be very healthy, additional monitoring may not be needed. Blood tests that focus o elevated ALP and Bilirubin maybe the cheapest way forward. All these medical tests cost us patients much resources for sure.
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I am unclear what you said above. do you mean that i am wrongly diagnosed and this surgery should be postponed for further monitoring.
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Actually my main concern that this surgery should be performed or my surgeon took wrong decision to take my gallbladder out.

I go regularly to my ultrasound doctor he suggested me that he had ultrasound one year before so he could not find polys (pockets) in wall etc. So due to instant change in gallbladder i suggest you to go for operation.

Please answer this.
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I would wait a little bit, and followup with weekly blood tests, just to monitor the situation. If the bile were to backup into your liver and cause damage, it will show in the blood work, so a pause isn't a problem.  
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