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Stomach Pain/Gallbladder Please Help!!!!!

Hello guys, I apologize for my craziness and long post in advance! I am a 20 year old male that has been having severe pain in my stomach for a good 5-6 days now.

The pain I am having is getting progressively worse and happens below both of my ribs (mostly on the right side though), and my upper abdomen area. I also seem to have a shortage of breath and trouble falling asleep late at night (last night pulled an all nighter because of the severeness and have only slept an hr since because of the fear of being up all night for a 2nd day in a row). My stomach CONSTANTLY gurgles whether it is night or day time and makes weird noises as well as giving my gas bubbles that will come out in a burp or a fart (when I burp it out, it feels unnatural and a struggle to get it out). It gives me the urge to go #2 in the bathroom but to no avail. To top it all off, I havent ate much at all but when I do, it is usually bananas and apples along with some water.

 I had lifted a large crate by myself about 3 weeks ago and was so heavy that it brought me down to my knee while bringing it into my house. I had also about 5 days ago stretched my back at my computer chair and ended up hearing a weird crack in my rib area that began my shortages of breath.

I have also recently picked up anxiety (for about a month or so now) through a majority of this but do not think that it is the main factor to why I am feeling the way I am. Today, I had went to the chiropractor to get my back and neck adjusted as well as take an xray on my ribs to see if there was a fracture or break in them causing all of this. My xrays came out showing nothing wrong with my ribs, but my back on the right side is out. He also wants to see me on Thursday to work on my back somemore.

I felt much more comfortable while I was at the chiropractor but once I had left and gotten home (around 1:30pm) my stomach had began gurgling and continuing with what it was doing that night.

I go to the doctor tomorrow to get checked out but have had an anxious and impatient feeling because I fear there is something seriously wrong with me. My guess of what is causing all of this is a Gallbladder disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome but am not totally sure at all. I also fear that my doctor will not find anything, or that he will say that everything seems normal when it definitely feels the exact opposite.

Regardless, I will update you guys tomorrow on how the doctor goes and am just looking for suggestions on how to help me relieve some of the pain or to find out if anyone has been diagnosed with something with almost the same symptoms that I have even though I know that is a long shot. Thank you so much for listening to my crazy self and have a great day!
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