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palpitations, weakness, blood sugar issues with gallbladder?

I need info please! has anyone experienced any of these symptoms with gallbladder problems ? weakness after eating, heart palpitations or rapid heart beat? problems controlling blood sugars high or low? thank you ! my dpctor has diagnosed me with biliary dyskinesia and i just want to be sure before i have surgery that others have experienced some of these symptoms too, or any symptoms that you may have had would be helpful too!
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I have minimal biliary dyskinesia.  ERCP ejection fraction was 34%.  I have also had the palpitations occur after eating.  Usually when bending or moving a certain way the palpitations will start.  I also had an upper endoscopy...a nodule was found in the duodenum, this was performed on the 23rd of July.  I do not know the biopsy results yet.  But the Dr. said that cannot be the cause of my pain and asked again if I wanted the surgical removal for my gallbladder.  So, if you DO have your gallbladder removed, please let me know how you fare.  I am not convinced that is the cause of MY pain.  I have also had acute pancreatitis.  Maybe you should ask for an ERCP before you have any surgeries.
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For people who have palpitations after your gallbladder removal:
#1, I am not a doctor; I am just someone who had these issues for years.  I saw cardiologists, had panic attacks was diagnosed with anxiety disorder treated with Xanax.  
#2 How I would feel: I would almost pass out, my heart would race or skip beats.  I thought I would die when I was grocery shopping, driving etc.   After I would eat, I would really feel bad, almost passing out.  My best friend told me that I should try a digestive enzyme because it might be my gallbladder.  Plus I read in the Wall Street Journal that our gut was VERY much in charge of our entire body.
#3 So I went to Walgreens (because it was right next to Starbucks ) to see if I could find a digestive enzyme.  The first thing I saw was gas pills that were a food enzyme supplement.  The main ingredient was Alpha-Galactosidase enzyme 600GALU.  Yeah, don’t try to pronounce it.  I took one of these pills prior to every meal and it made a HUGE difference!!! My palpitations are completely gone.  No longer feeling sick.
#4  Once again, I am not a doctor, only someone who has been through this.  I made a promise to God, that if it cured me I would post it everywhere.  Ask your doctor about that enzyme prior to using.   As you can see, I don’t work for any company trying to sell something because you can get that enzyme in a plethora of different medications or vitamins.  I truly just chose the cheapest generic version I found and it works wonderful!!!!!!
#5 Your not crazy!!!!  Your not having panic attacks!!!! (most likely)  Your not weak!!!!!!  You just need help in your gut!  
I hope this helps you!!
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so did you have gallstones??
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