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23F Perforated Ulcer, No H.Pylori, No NSAIDS

Hello, this will be a long one because I want to provide any info that may be important. I’m a 24 year old female, have been healthy all my life, delivered a healthy baby in January 2018, then became pregnant in 2020 again. During this pregnancy, I ate a lot, gained 70lbs which brought me to 219lbs and I’m 5’7. During the labor and delivery, I had a placental abruption, lost a good amount of blood but overall was fine and delivered a healthy baby. Exactly seven days later I had a perforated duodenal ulcer and emergency surgery. Afterwards I was put on pantoprazole 40mg, once a day. I was on this for three months then my prescription was over. During my time off of pantoprazole I noticed sharp abdominal pains, nausea, bloating, and a general unwell feeling. I saw a GI who didn’t offer much insight but scheduled a colonoscopy/endoscopy and put me back on pantoprazole 40mg. During my time awaiting my procedure, I didn’t have abdominal pains unless I was extremely bloated, gassy, or nauseas which were almost nightly occurrences. The results of my colonoscopy and endoscopy were a healthy colon and intestines. My LES was noted as “gaping” and I have rough stomach lining, and there was blood found. They biopsied everything and all biopsies came back normal. I have tested negative for h. pylori twice by stool test and negative one by biopsy. I don’t use any NSAIDS.
I just want insight as to why these things are happening to me or why they could be happening. The perforated ulcer was a traumatic situation for me and it would help to have more insight as to why I had a perforated ulcer in the first place and why I’m now experiencing these GI issues. Also, what can I do on my end? Supplements? I have a healthy diet, weight lift and go on walks six days a week.

PS- I asked to be tested for Zollinger Ellison’s because of the perforated ulcer incident but my GI doesn’t see it as likely.

Thank you SO MUCH if you took the time to read.
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