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What could be causing my gastritis ?

My problems have going on for about five years they started with trapped gas in my stomach and it would not come out for I would say two days and then after that I’ve been having chronic diarrhea , constipation, burning in my stomach, stomach aches and severe fatigue. I also pass gas and burp all day long. I’m bloated all the time. Especially after I eat. I Didn’t realize it was a real problem until around two years ago. I recently got an endoscopy and colonoscopy done and they found that I had gastritis. They did a biopsy and tested for H. pylori And which I was sure that it would be positive but it was negative.
A few months before I did the breath test and that also came back negative but I thought it was wrong. So now that I’ve gotten the results from the endoscopy I am completely lost. My kids are also having the same symptoms. It seems to be something that is contagious.  Has anyone experienced the same problems or have any idea what this could be? My doctor has now ordered a Cat scan but I’m desperate to know what this could be ?
Also, I’ve been taking famotidine 20mg for a little over a year & it has no effect. My doctor prescribed omeprazole recently that I’ve been taking since the 20th. I’m hoping it would give some type of relief
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