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Abdominal pain after eating breakfast

I have an issue I need help figuring out and hopefully resolving. For the past six months I have had mid abdominal pain right after eating breakfast. It feels like it's below my breastbone but it's hard to tell cause it seems to radiate lower. It doesn't matter what I eat and it isn't every single morning...I would say about four days a week. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I have tried different foods...sometimes it happens and sometimes I'm fine. The degree of pain also varies. The pain is hard to describe. It isn't gas cramping. It's a sickening pain but I don't feel nauseous if that makes sense. It almost makes me feel achy in general. It lasts from 15 minutes to an hour typically. I tried to go gluten free but no difference...I have been gluten free for a month now. It doesn't make sense because it's only after breakfast. I eat very healthy and am regular. I feel fine otherwise. Any idea what it is and how to stop it?
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It could be acid reflux. While you say it doesnt matter what you eat, is it possible that every time it happens you are consuming something that is the same? It could be coffee, or some other ingredient that is in all your food.
I'd also say to try and not eat early in the morning. My girlfriend gets an upset stomach if she eats within the first hour she is awake. She waits until 9 or 10 to eat for the first time in the day (she wakes up at 630). Maybe try this and see if it helps.
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Thanks for your answer. The pain doesn't burn at all nor do I experience any reflux. It's more of a dull crampy pain that almost makes me feel sick. I was originally eating granola cereal in the mornings when it started. Then I switched to super seed oatmeal (quinoa) and was fine for a couple days the I had the pain again then fine again. I then ate eggs and gluten free toast with almond butter and was fine. Then ate it again the next morning and was in pain. It doesn't seem to correlate with what I'm eating. This morning I had the pain before I even ate...that was a first. After eating the pain was the same. It always gets better and goes completely away in 15 minutes to an hour. No issues the rest of the day. I can't skip breakfast. I get up at 6:30 and eat at 7am before leaving for work. I can't eat again until 1-2pm. No breaks allowed until lunch. I will get nauseous if I go that long. I did start taking digestive enzymes and have noticed I have improved a little. I want it to completely resolve though.
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Did you get any help?  I am getting a very similar problem - I could almost have written what you have written word for word. Thx
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Do you take any probiotics? If not, I highly suggest you take them along with the digestive enzymes. I'd start of with a 10 billion live culture probiotic. See if after a week or two you feel any better
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