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Abdominal pain and nausea

Hey doc, thought I would give you a little info I am a 25 years old stay at home mother of 2 and wife for 5 years. We just moved so I have been under a lot of stress lately and in constant discomfort. I have been searching online for months now with no result. Had a doctors appointment to be seen for my issues but couldn't because they didn't accept my form of insurance. It has been a day by day struggle with these symptoms which are for the most part constant. Abdominal pain, nausea(but I don't vomit just always feels as if I need to), Issues swallowing( I feel like something is in the way), hacking up foam and once a yellow sour liquid, constipation, Horrible bloating and abdominal pain when making most bowl movements. On a few occasions an excruciating 30sec pain in my rectum making it impossible to sit almost as if I have sat on a gas pocket that couldn't escape. Loud gurgling noises that sound and feel like gas, stomach has gotten bigger. I took pregnancy tests all resulting negative, do my symptoms sound familiar in reference to a serious condition. Should I go to the ER Or see a specialist or is this a regular problem that has a home remedy.
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Hi, as you have just shifted it could be intolerance to the food or water. The symptoms can also be premenstrual. You can maintain a food diary to see what is triggering your symptoms and avoiding them may help resolve your symptoms. So, just wait and watch and try to include yogurt in your diet as it is a probiotic which replaces lactobacillus acidophilus (good bacteria) that helps with digestion. If symptoms worsen consult your doctor to rule out an infection. Regards.
I' lm having exactly the same problem. I went to the doctors and they mentioned irritable bowl syndrome. Or you could have a intolerance to foods containing gluten, or dairy products for example. You should go for a couple weeks eliminating dairy or gluten. Remember eliminate one at a time out of your diet.
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