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Ultrasound/Endoscopy/ HIDA Scan all normal. What else could it be?

Female, Age 19, 110 pounds, 5'3", based in United States, Caucasion.

I started waking up with really bad nausea in the middle of the night back in February 2021. It continued to get more frequent and by April 2021 I was walking up with nausea/indegestion every single night. Then I started to get fatty food intolerences and some upper right side pain that feels like a mild to sort of bad ache (but this is so infrequent).

Doc ordered ultrasound in july, came back completely normal. Then an endoscopy with biopsies in august, all of which came back completely normal, not even any evidence of acid reflux. Then I had a HIDA scan in september, which came back completely normal. I will say though that the technician did mention that it took a very long time for my gallbladder to show up on the scan.

I have been on 5 mg of lexapro for anxiety, 40 mg of Famotadine, and have been perscribed Zofran for the nausea. I have tried everything from raising my bed to sleeping in a recliner. My symptoms are the worst in the middle of the night, and are also bad after eating fatty foods/ "heavier meals".

I am seriously going crazy. It is so discouraging to have all of my tests come back normal. I just want answers, piece of mind, and to feel better. Anyone have any ideas?
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Did they check you for celiac disease? They should do a swallow test, blood work, and stool sample to rule out other things. I'm currently dealing with similar issues after battling chronic stomach issues and going in for more testing. You might have an infection or food intolerance.
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Considering that you get ill after eating fatty foods, it sounds like there could be an issue with the gall bladder.  

Does the acid reflux (or nighttime nausea) show up after eating any particular foods?  

You could try an elimination diet and see if it helps.  First things to eliminate would be gluten (bread, pasta, or anything made with wheat or barley), dairy and sugar.  If you stay off them for 6 weeks, then add them back to your diet one at a time, you’ll be able to see if  1) symptoms go away during the elimination and 2) if they come back after adding any of the eliminated foods.
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