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Acid reflux help

I am 47 and 10yrs ago told the valve on top of tummy was deformed and was why in times of stress I get horrid reflux.I was given Pariet 20mg when need and 2 a day if I need.Also raise my bedhead and of course eat right,no caffeine no junk food etc.I dont smoke or drink and always have eaten well also I am slim build. Over 10yrs if the acid flarred up Id take the Pariet and within 2 or 3 days it was gone.That was until last year in October. I had other health issues and major work stress and anxiety,Id have 3 days at least a week with horrid acid so in Dec 2012 when this acid just wasnt going away I went the dr and was told take 2 pariet a day for a few months if it dont settle by 1 week come back and we can try another tablet.And yes people I have trialled nexium it made this worse.So after 4 days it stopped for a week,I ate wrong foods and then got stressed and back it came.I tried the aple cider vinegar which helped sometimes,last week I tried cinamon and honey and OMG had 11 out of 10 acid after that.I take 40ml of ale juice each morning and double probiotics daily,of course Ill head up the dr today again just wondered if anyone has similar issues and has found relief? and is this LINX surgery in Australia yet or only the Esophyx one still and has anyone had that and fixed this?
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I have terrible GERD which causes painful esophageal spasms so I can advise about GERD. Currently, I used 40mg Prilosec 2x day to manage it. I have used Dexilant,  it is expensive but it works well. Stress and diet are huge triggers for me. Exercise helps me with the stress, but running and yoga that I like both aggravate the GERD. When it get bothers me I take some liquid extra strength Gaviscon. This works great and immediately quenches the fire. Red wine, chocolate and spicy food that I LOVE are the worst for me. Research GERD diet. I got a book and although I'm not very excited about the recipes (I'm a food snob) I learned a lot about differ foods and how to make better choices and shop better. I didn't notice much difference in GERD symptoms when I used ACV consistently, but I think it is great for your overall health and immune system. Good luck!
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Hi have you tried a very low residue diet? Which does not consist of many fruits and desserts because those result in acid reflux, Also you should take tums(it's a myth that if you take too many you'll get kidney stones), sleep propped up instead of down to prevent back-flow, have you tried stress relievers prescribed by your doc? If you dot find any improvement with anything, you may want to consider surgery:/
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Hi and thanks for the comments/advice.I went back to the dr and not only am I on the 2 pariet daily he now has me on Molitium and thinks because I been eating well and dont drink smoke and am underweight not over he believes my gut is too slow. This new tablet I am on usually is for vomitting bloating and being unable to finish meals because you feel full but its now day 5 on this extra tablet and acid is almost gone, no acid when I wake none after I eat or drink but little managable bits here and there. I take these 3 times a day 30mins before food and 2 hours away from Pariet and been told no gaviscon or any other antacids if I can help it. I was also sent to test if I have that tummy bug that can cause this.And to check my blood levels incase anything is off balance. Its early days so far and could come back but fingers crossed this works as I really cannot afford nor want surgery.Shawe123 I dont eat desserts since this all flarred up and my meals are very plain healthy and basic, my drinks are either decaf tea, cammomile or decaf green or water.So I am hoping his diagnosis is correct and I have a slow gutt. Thanks all
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been up and down with good days and severe horrid days, I seemed to have 10days straight of not really any acid on this motilium and pariet mix and even could eat a chocolate or pizza without consequences. Then a pharmacist asked if I had tried somac as she reckons it was far superior to pariet and Id most likely not need the motilium if on somac, so last week I asked the dr and he said most his patients use somac not pariet(he wasnt the one who originally gave me pariet) anyway he wrote me a somac script, 40mg 2 a day, kinda heavy dose, usually its 1 40mg a day not 2, anyway first 2 days it was still ok then it was so bad, I blamed a night out where I ate pizza and 2 squares of chocolate and thought it would go back to normal in a day or 2, but its been 10days on somac and really havent had 1 good day at all so I have to conclude pariet is my drug of choice.Another pharmacist said pariet is actually stronger then somac and thats why my dr wouldve gave me 2 of the somac to match 2 pariet,I dont really want any surgery but if my esopheagus is getting damaged I dont want cancer like me mother ended up with at 65 a 9inch tumour grew fast in her esopheagus buit she was a smoker drinker and on meds that can cause erosion and cancer of esopheagus I am none of that. Ok thanks for comments
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