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Stomach issues

Having hunger like pangs and some dull burn in my stomach right at bottom of my sternum.
  Stomach gets noisy at times either while eating or a few hours afterwards. Have gas off and on and flatulence.
  Have been taking Omeprazole OTC and seems to help some. Been like this for going on 6 weeks.
     No bloody stool or vomiting. I have bowel movement every morning with nothing out of the normal as far as stool changes. Pretty much the same every time in color and consistency.  (No blood or wired colors)
  Have changed diet by avoiding Spicy food coffee carbonated drinks chocolate and anything that used to bother me.
   Gastritis, ulcer GERD ?
  Thanks in advance for replying.
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Pain by the sternum can be a number of things and from your description, seeing GERD on the list is no surprise.  Six weeks is a long time to have a symptom.  I think you need to see a doctor.  Is it just uncomfortable or painful?
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