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Acute Upper Abdominal Attack

I have had a series of 4 "attacks" over the last 5 years.  I travel for work and was at the aiport yesterday getting ready to board a plane when the attack came on.  In the upper middle abdominal area at the bottom of my rib cage (Diaphragm area?) a small pain began and grew exponentially in the matter of 5 minutes.  I felt like I was going to pass out, throw up and was pouring with sweat.  My hearing also became muffled and I heard ringing in my ears.  It passed within 10 min.  I am still shaken by how intense it was.  The pain compares to the intensity that I have experienced with my gallbladder attacks, no gall stones (removed in 2006) and kidney stones.  Today I feel tender in the area but no pain.  I am not overweight, 40 years old, terrible diet, I smoke and drink maybe 2X a wk.  I had a glass of wine prior to the attack and had not eaten since lunch (6 hours earlier).  Prior attacks have occurred at different times, once even first thing in the morning.  Could it be acute pancreatitis?
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Pancreatitis is a possibility as is gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, alkaline reflux gastritis, or sphincter of Oddi dysfunction to name a few. A further evaluation would certainly be in order.
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