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After gallbladder removal symptoms

Here is a video I made explaining all of my symptoms. Im looking for advice for anyone that's having symptoms after they had their gallbladder removed or anyone who has been told they produce to much acid after getting an upper endoscopy. Thanks for watching. Any advice would be apprecated.

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Had my Gallbladder removed and have many problems with bile. You can get Bile Reflux Gastritis. I am starting a support group with another lady named Gayle who is suffering from the same issues. Removal of a Gallbladder leads to other illnesses. You have to Alter all your food in a diet like getting off dairy, gluten, meats, spicy foods, deep fried and more. if interested in support group let us know. loony56
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I have been told I have Gasteritis even before my gallbladder was out back in 2009 when I first started getting real sick. I was a lot worse back then but I still have on going symptoms from the acid. Im willing to talk to you and Gayle more about the symptoms you both are experiencing and what works for ya'll. I know Im not allergic to gluten and somedays certain foods dont bother me and others I feel sick no matter what I eat or if I dont eat I get worse. My suregon told me I shouldnt have to restrict my diet. If you have to stay away from all those foods that seems about like everything. So what do you eat? Even fruits and veggies can make me gassy. They say if you cant tolerate meat well then it could be from lack of acid.
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I do digestive enzymes called AborbAid for digestive support. I would not listen to a surgeon about diet. Do research and try to cure yourself naturally through tea and diet.I now can eat fruit( no acidic) bananas, apples, pears, fish, oatmeal, butter only, steamed vegetables. Gluten free, no dairy, meat, spicy foods, not much processed, no junk food or fast food. Yes it is a lot to give up but now days foods must be organic and fresh as can be. To many chemicals in our dairy, meat supply etc. I hope all this helps. Patients! loony56
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Hi I tried to find the Absorb Aid I couldn't find it so I got something else that's got enzymes and a probiotic in it I only took it once and was having gas pains all night and even started dry heaving trying to get some relief. Im not sure if it was from something I ate or the meds but now Im scared to take it. I have been doing research on Bile Reflux Gasteritis. It is possible I could have that none of my doctors ever mentioned it. I figured if that was the case the endoscopys would of showed something besides just to much acid. If its just to much acid it would be nice if they would figure out whats causing it but acid reducers don't really help which is common in Bile Reflux. Im currently looking for a new GI doctor and will talk to him about all of this. I would also like to join ya'lls support group. This can be really depressing to deal with.
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Hi loony 56 so glad I read ur post. I hd my gallbladder removed in September of last yr and still I hv problems . I would love to join ur support group
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