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Anal Leakage/Grease part II

Well I went and saw the Gastroenterologist . After discussion of what was going on she suggested for a colonoscopy and after a physical examination of my stomach a pelvic ultrasound as well as some blood work. I reluctantly agreed to these. The pelvic ultra sound was due to the pain from when she was pressing on my stomach.  Her thoughts were a possible ovarian cyst.  My own stupidity, I had no idea where the ovaries were til the ultrasound and my pain is not near them.  Yes I had some pain in that area, however I think this was due to the pain I was having after she pushed on the main area, which is lower right. After doing some searching on the Internet of organ location, it appears to be close to where the appendix is located. Now this is a throbbing/annoying pain, unless pushed on and then it is a pretty extreme pain.  After the exam I continued to hurt more than usual for a few days.  I have had this before after routine exam during my physicals as well but this was a little more intense.  My thought is because she did push a little harder and longer than my personal physician does. I had the ultra sound on Monday and everything looked normal. I have yet to hear on the blood work. The colonoscopy is scheduled for late next month. Since the first grease leakage I did have a few small drops.  Then on Tuesday night while at my part-time job I was experiencing pressure in my stomach though I could not pass any gas.  I ended up going home and after sitting for a while I was able to do so.  I also began to leak a lot of grease again. It did end with in a couple of hours, but then again the next morning after my morning bowel movement with the drops floating in the toilet again. This time however the grease had a brownish tint to it. It continued all day.  Not in large amounts but it was there every time I wiped and small drops in the toilet. I contact the doctor who called in a script for Dicyclomine.  Well I took 1 last night & it seems to have worked at this point. No leakage, also no bowel movement as of yet though & I have been pretty regular of once in the morning and again mid-morning.  I am not experiencing any cramping or bloating though I have not been passing as much gas either. Now the way it was explained to me is that the colon soaks up excess liquid. My thoughts or question is shouldn’t the grease be sucked up or digested before it even gets to the colon? I also failed to mention that my stool for the past couple of months has been soft and thin. What I call, ribbon like. Not diarrhea, just not round or formed. Is the doctor moving in the right direction with the colonoscopy or should we be looking at the other end?  
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I don't know all the answers, but wonder didn't the doctor check your white blood cell count regarding the appendix?
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Yes, a colonoscopy should be your next step, especially since your bowel movements are ribbon like, and your health history with your colon.  Dicyclomine is given to patients with irritable bowel syndrome, it's an anti-spasmatic.  Your doctor is definitely on the right track.  Ovarian cysts come and go, and rarely cause any problems or even pain.  Keep in mind that your small and large intestine are also in the same area where you're experiencing pain.  Pressing on your stomach should not increase your pain unless something is there.  She obviously feels it is systomatic of a colon issue rather than your ovary.
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I honestly do not know what she was having checked with the blood. I had it taken 4 days ago and have not heard anything yet.

What I do not understand is that the ultra sound did not even go over the main area of pain. When the doctor said she wanted the pelvic ultra sound to check for possible cyst on the ovary I assumed the ovary was in the location of my pain.  I mean she had them check my kidneys and upper stomach, why not have them go over that area and just do a regular ultra sound?
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A gyn once drew me a picture and the ovaries do hang down, I believe on either side, lower than the uterus, which is typically in the middle below the navel.  Endometriomas or a "torqued" or twisted hemorrhagic cyst can be the cause of a great deal of pain.  I had both of these and the endometrioma, a "chocolate cyst" caused by endometriosis in the ovary, does not go away on it's own and can start to destroy the ovary.  This created in me a big pressure pain in my lower left abdomen.  When I had the twisted hemorrhagic cyst on my right ovary, there was no comfortable position I could get in and I wound up having emergency surgery.

However, since you are having leakage out the back and other defecation issues, they really should be pursuing GI possibilities.  If you have endometriosis, though, it sometimes can invade the bowels and reak havoc there.

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I do believe you need a colonoscopy. The blood work is important because depending on what tests she ran it can show inflamation and increased white blood cells. It can check to see
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Poops sorry.

It can check to see your nutrient levels and give lots of direction on what could be causing the problem. I get that greasy floating bile frequently. The colonoscopy will reveal the most. Best luck.
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