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Antibiotics & Bloating

A week ago, I got off a course of antibiotics (Augment) that I took for 14 days. It bothered me the entire time I took it. I gradually had bloating, distention of the stomach and tingling, numbness and a 'cold' sensation started later on. This hasn't gone away and has only improved about 30% since taking probiotics and eating a lot of fermented foods and coconut yogurt with live cultures. The Kevita probiotic drinks help the most. I have a 'lazy colon' and it's usually challenging to get the urge to have a bowel movement but now it's even worse! I have to basically push it all out, which never works well.

I wake up several times a night in discomfort due to the bloating and 'tight' feeling in my abdomen and belly. Anything I eat makes the bloating worse, even if it's just a smoothie of some kind. By the end of the night, I feel like a balloon that's going to pop. The 'cold' feeling seems to be getting worse. Anyone know what this could be? I can't see my gastro until the 29th. Ergh!
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Augmentin is a broad spectrum anti biotic and is widely used because of its efficacy.But still, prolonged use of Augmentin may lead to expected side effects like general diarrhea,vomiting,rash,tingling, during or after treatment with Augmentin.

The symptoms you stated may be referred to a condition known as Antibiotic assciated diarrhea or Psedumembranous colitis,proliferation of C.difficale caused by imbalance of useful colonic bacteria.Symptoms are feeling sick,diarrhea, abdominal pain,fever, fatigue.Mentioned symptoms may vary depending of types of foods or precautions taken.Like abdominal pain/diarrhea may be associated with bloating and distention(urge for bowel movement which never works).Like wise tingling and numbness may be associated with cold sensation.(perceptional variations)

As this is the expected side effect after Augmentin use,that is  the reason why probiotic are prescribed.whose dosage/frequency may vary upon severity of symptoms.So you take a check up with a Doctor to ***** how severe are your symptoms before you loose all of your salts from body or become worse.Use of Proton pump inhibitors,asthma medication during usage of Augmentin leads to sustaining symptoms even after stopping.

You may be prescribed Vancomycin or Metronidazole to control such situation,or undergo fecal bacteriotherapy.Investigations like Abdominal X-ray, stool culture,CBC etc.Talk to your doctor before you undergo any treatment to eliminate all other possible diagnosis.

P.S.-Why were you prescribed a broad spectrum antibiotic like Augmentin?
What are other drugs that you have taken along with Augmentin?
How long did you undergo treatment with Augmentin(other than mentioned 14 days)
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Thank you so much for your response!! I just set up an appointment with my gasro's nurse, to see if she can get a head start on giving me probiotics or something else to help treat this. I am using my own right now and have been through he course of antibiotics. I have also been eating fermented foods regularly. Probioitics also seem to constipate me. It does appear that when I have a slight 'urge' to go, nothing has come out and I have to keep running back to the bathroom. The same thing seems to be happening with my bladder at times. This is on and off.

I was on Augmentin due to a severe Sinus Infection brought on by allergies. Before that, I was on Clyndamaycin for 5 days. I was also on 3 rounds of antibiotics earlier this year due to other Sinus Infections. They were Amoxycillan, Levaquin and again Clyndamyacin. I can imagine my GI track is VERY confused and messed up at this point. Could there be permanent damage to it?

I was having stomach in between this time, where I'd have pain in my stomach and the left side under my rib cage. This seemed to get MUCH worse if I used an enema and still does. A couple months ago (prior to Augmentin) I had an endoscopy done and everything looked good. I also had an ultrasound of my entire abdomen and all the organs looked good. Could I still possibly have Gastroparesis? That's what I am afraid of. I am also dealing with lazy bowel, have had it since I was 10.

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The only way to manage such situation is to manage symptoms and few changes in diet.

Reduce the amount of probiotics as they not only lead to worsened situations but also other serious problems.Use them only under prescription of a Doctor,for a limited amount of time (if self medication by probiotics is not helping you much,then you must understand).

Recommendation of fiber rich food or bran, green leafy vegetables,multi vitamin supplementation, more fruits,well cooked vegetables,rice/bread, adequate salts and sugar,adequate water intake help you not only to improve health but also improve immunity.
Drugs like Dicyclomine or Hyoscine may help you with abdominal problems,Vancomycin and Metronidazole may help you with compromised gut flora.Above medications may be prescribed by medical practitioner.

Your history suggests a serious sinus infection and extensive use of various antibiotics.It is not so good unless you have been using under prescription of a Attending Doctor.Use of various antibiotics in a given period of time with less intervals may lead to Bacterial resistance which is often difficult to manage.(This may happen switching hospitals or Doctors because you are not getting better)

Gastroparesis is a different situation defined as delayed gastric emptying caused by abnormal eating problems or more frequently by autonomic neuropathy in situations like T1/2DM,anorexia nervosa or Parkinsons.You have very little chance of acquiring such disorder.

Permanent damage to your body happens only when all the defense mechanisms in your body fail or you have a compromised history which is the worse case scenario.

Undergo a complete health check up with more investigations included like Chest X-ray, sinus skull X-ray,Abdominal X-ray,CBC,ESR,Electrolytes etc if your symptoms does not get better even after typical attention.Talk to your Doctor and rule out all of other possible acute infections or ill fated diseases.Clear all your doubts because you have associated history of Sinus infection and its influence on other parts of body.

Since your previous investigations sounded normal (though USG abdomen may not rule out potential cause),go for specific tests as mentioned above only after discussing with your Doctor.

Keep us updated and take care.All the very best!
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I will be sure to go off of the proboitocs! Makes sense they possibly cause more harm than good unless prescribed. They don't seem to be making me feel better at all.

I do eat very well, just as you described. Though I leave out the breads and rices because those are constipating for me. I will mention these medications to the nurse I will be seeing! Having this will be so helpful.

I have had a CT Scan for my sinuses. An ENT told me chronic infections are coming from allergies or sensitivities in the environment, so trying to find out what exactly it is and seek treatment. I am thinking of possibly moving state to avoid getting another one! I absolutely can not afford to take more antibiotics. I don't want resistance!

Such a relief to hear I probably do not have Gastroparesis. This was very worrisome to me! I don't have any of the problems you outlined that lead to the problem.

I do have another question. Should I be drinking water with each meal or wait awhile afterwards and then drink it? I feel the water I am taking in is bloating me up the most. I usually tend to drink water before, in between and directly after meals.

Thank you so much for your help. Will be sure to update!

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If you have been suffering from a problematic sinus problem since time, and yet eating well may indicate that your immunity is getting compromised and requires attention.It may be done by eating much healthy food in addition to what you are consuming now.You save immunity (memory B cells) like you save money for future use.Immunity response sometimes may be compromised in situations like Hypersensitivity(allergies), air borne allergies being more difficult to manage due to increased pollution and allergens.

If you say sinus infection,infection has to be cleared out, assuming that you practice good hygiene,while you have used extensive antibiotics.If not,look into other issues like asthma or community acquired pneumonia,atypical pneumonia,hereditary acquired hypersensitivity, bronchitis which of them have different treatment options.

Each of them include a wide range of microorganisms starting from environmental allergens to bacteria,viruses,fungi,metals,arsenic compounds,parasites and lot more.All these diseases does not necessarily mean you should have considerable symptoms,may be they were getting masked out because of your care.It can also be simply Recurrent sinus infection which requires further attention.There are many options to treat it.

If your Doctor observed a CT scan of sinuses and said it is caused by allergies and sensitivities,then where does all those allergens go when you inhale?Is'nt it lungs?Have you ever considered taking a detailed Pulmonary examination?Ever had an Chest X-ray done rather than focusing only around sinuses?Have you ever had a complete physical and general examination of you all body?Where are the complete reports and what does they talk about?What are all the tests done and did they give you any possible explanation?These are the questions that should trigger you when you are not getting better since 10.It does not imply if there are one million allergens in out side world ,that you start today testing each and every one of them on trail and error basis,which happened in case of you with antibiotics.You are slimming out options.

It is sometimes difficult even for a professional to think beyond his specialty but still there are lot of other options.Go to a higher center and undergo a complete health check up with all required investigations in a cost effective way.For talking does not have to pay (I wonder if hospitals allow such things). But you have medhelp.

Bread and rice may induce constipation but still they can be consumed on your personal interest in wide variety of cuisine (unless you rule out sensitivity to certain foods that may complicate your condition).

Drinking water before meals is not encouraged,but taking a fruit or appetizers like soups before and after meals is good.Take as much as less water during meals leaving space for essential nutrients that should be digested in the form of food.Enough water like two pails after meals helps good digestion and good bowel movements.If you could not put up weight (no over consumption) despite your efforts of eating like a gaint implies that you should eat more or at least plan your diet with all essential nutrients distributed over 3 to 4 times a day.

Hope this helps,waiting for more questions.
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I absolutely agree with you and I think I need to look at the WHOLE person and what is going on with me. I am going to Mayo Clnic in December and they are known for leaving no stone unturned. I will make sure they understand the entire situation about my health problems. I think something is definitely going on with my immune system and has been since I was 10. It is definitely no coincidence in my eyes that I started getting allergies/sinus problems around the same time the constipation started. This is also around the time I started getting anxiety and panic attacks.

Unfortunately, I have been to about 30 different doctors in my life for all my physical ailments and have yet to find one that really listens to my issues and tries to figure out what the source of the problem could be. Maybe that will all change at Mayo Clinic, I am crossing my fingers. I feel I am doing absolutely everything I can with diet and exercise. I do tend to get very stressed out and need to work on those problems a bit more, as I know stress can weaken your immune system quite a bit.

I am getting very thin from not eating much so I do hope I can get an answer before Mayo Clinic but we will see. The tingling and 'cold' feeling in my stomach are driving me a little nuts. I stopped taking tons of probiotics today and feel better now. Even the yogurt with live cultures made me feel awful!

Thanks so much for your help about the water issue. It makes sense to drink water after a meal to promote healthy bowel function! This is what I have always done and it has definitely helped. Though I feel I need to 'bulk up' my stool a bit more to get the urge to have a bowel movement. Not sure how to do this without constipating. Maybe finding the root of my allergies or sensitivities will help me out in this way. Also, I do tend to 'snack' during the day quite a bit. So I'll have 3 larger meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and then have fruits, chocolate (trying to stop that), pudding, yogurt or veggies in between. I seemed to almost be doing better when I was not snacking so much and just eating 3 solid meals with one snack.
As I was reading this thread, I was seeing some of my experiences. In the late spring of 2002, I was on contract at a major semiconductor fabrication clean room facility, working 12 hour shifts on a 3/4 day biweekly cycle. There were other stress factors, but the work was a large portion. After about 2 months, I was having gastrointestinal issues, as well as feeling faint/weak at times. I had to diminish eating portions to not feel as if my body had to shut down all other functions to just digest. Being a contractor through an agency then, the insurance was cheap and minimal, so my medical care was interns at the county hospital. They ran the standard tests, but could not find anything. But, my symptoms were getting worse, and I was losing weight unintentionally. I was a 6', 185 lbs muscular man in my early 30's, but in three years I was down to a whopping 110 lbs skeleton looking 15 years older than I was. During that time, I had switched to another job as full time with better insurance. Just prior of starting to see a GI specialist, I had to go to an urgent care clinic for a work related rib injury. When the doctor was looking at the rib x-rays, he noted a shadow behind my liver and told me to mention that to my PCP. I had forgotten about it, but went through the specialist for 6 months with no positive results. I kept hearing about parasites, but the doctors could not find evidence from their standard tests to even think about that. Being desperate, I started researching into the fringes. I had already read the book "Patient, Heal Thyself" and saw similarities, and dove into unconventional remedies. Another source I ran across even went into using a "zapper". Being an EET student, it made sense to me, so I built one. I used it for 30 minutes a day for about 10 days, when I got a surprise result! I expelled a fully intact anesthetized worm over 6" long! I contained it and rushed it to the GI clinic! They sent it to lab, and found it was a female ascarid estimating it to be about 3 years old. They then heard about the x-rays from the year before and put two and two together. I was then treated for parasites (finally!) After a couple of months, I was eating better and gaining some weight back. I am not diagnosing nor inferring that this is your issue, but do not limit your scope. With so many specializations that fence things into small plots, one can often miss the congruity two plots over being that all are sharing connected ground. And, as Dirk Gently sees it, everything is connected. So, that's what I have experienced. I hope for the best of your well-being.
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The key to any infection/allergy is just like hitting the bulls eye.Correct dosage for correct time for correct sensitive organism/allergen.Though this aspect may change a bit with allergens but still they fall under category of Type 1 Hypersensitivity, where the management is more or less the same.

Constipation has direct association with foods,metals toxins,bowel factors etc but still does not necessarily mean that problem has raised due to allergens from eye/nose unless the allergen is potential enough to cause systemic reaction.Such sudden and systemic reaction is called Anaphylaxis which is a fatal emergency.Like you said this no mere coincidence.Problem with health may definitely lead to anxiety or panic attacks but still degree of perception may vary individual upon individual. (Economic crisis effect is far less in a rich man than a low status individual)  

Like mentioned before switching 30 Doctors (unless one refers other for further investigation) for just exploring into actual cause of your problem is a sad thing,yet you have to find one,keeping your journey still at pace.Each and every center may or may not have enough facility but sure will have some explanation.So here is your endurance at a higher center like Mayo,where you can come up with answers from team work.

Bulking up stools without constipating is debatable,allergies have association, but air borne allergies influence is far too less in your situation, to do with short term constipation but still manageable. Understand the logic that if you distributed meals to 3-4 sessions a day,assuming that you have normal bowel habits like 3-5 times a week,either your body is consuming all of the nutrition that is provided or bulking up with the help of your intake,which may take time.It is just like fishing a pond that is already fished out and waiting for new spawn.It is not bad luck though but a wrong pond fishing.So there is no need to panic.Take your time with the help of a good dietician or a doctor or at least researching,keeping everything at balance.

As a fact every food has got its own nutritional components,like snacks (anything can be a snack),salads (anything vegetables make salads),any fruit is a fruit, and meal is a meal (heavy or little and breakfast,lunch and dinner). Wide variety of cuisines but why do people choose only few combinations to cook a perfect dish?So try to understand this logic.

Suggest you not to associate everything that is happening with your body and long to link mismatching chains.Though Human body is a complex system but still God has designed it in such a way that is easy to explore the mechanisms of each and every of various cells in it.One problem at one time,one exploration after another is the key, unless you are 'The One' miraculous medical mystery.I wish I was such mystery (just kidding).So take the help of a good doctor and this time there should be no looking back but a bright health/future.

Thanks for your efforts to let me know about your problem. I have tried my level best to make you understand but still apologize for my wrong information,if any,please correct me after you discuss with your Doctor.

Health is wealth!God Bless!
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You said that taking probiotics can lead to other serious issues, can you tell me what those are? Because I've been dealing with a similar problem and I've been taking the probiotics, around 30 billion in each tablet and I've been feeling very bloated for 5 days now. I started taking them to help combat bloating and irregularity in the first place.
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Having had 3 kidney stones removed I have been given antibiotics intraveniously and a separate dose by my gp, I have been seriously bloated  I have been eating natural yoghurt for breakfast hoping this would help to combat the problem but have not noticed any difference, could you help me please
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A study by Mayo clinic showed that 98% of chronic sinusitis was fungal in origin.  When I found this study I had to talk my doctor into treating me with an anti fungal drug and within 24 hours the  terrible pressure in my sinuses was gone--within 48 hours I felt like a new person after suffering for years with sinusitis and taking round after round of antibiotics which messed up my intestinal flora big time!  I do have many allergies--but it was the fungus that caused the sinusitis.  
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Thank you all for your comments... I have a similar situation and learned a lot and will try a few things mentioned. After a lot of stress and a lot of time spent in pools, I came down with a severe flu early December 2015 and have had chronic sinusitis ever since (almost 3 months now.) I've been stuck in Mexico for work and saw doctors here but feel I haven't gotten proper care. I have just finished my 4th round of antibiotic (almost back to back) and feel pretty messed up. I'm currently experiencing the distended stomach with pain symptoms and severe tiredness. I have been taking some probiotics from GNC as that's all I can get down here but will take a break to see if that helps with the constipation that's just started. I was good for a while as I'm eating very healthy when I feel like eating. I have lost a lot of muscle mass and maybe a few pounds since this began as I haven't felt well enough to excercise. Just short walks during the day. Spending a lot of time in bed feeling like garbage and have an acid reducer from the last Doctor which seems to be my only help. Still having sinus pressure too and can only go back to the US after about March 10th... Have never been so ill! Any advice is appreciated! Will try a few days off the probiotics for now.
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Please take yakult probiotics for a month .
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I am taking Augmenten right now for an abcessed tooth. I came across this post. I had diarrhea for 2 days now I can't go. My stomach is soo distended that I look 8 months pregnant. I am taking probiotics with the antibiotics. I usually run at a hot temperature, now since starting the antibiotics I am cold. Which is nice for a change. But, I could do with out the distended stomach. LoL. I go Wednesday 10.10.17 for my tooth extraction. I purchased low sugar yougart today in hopes that, it will help the probiotics I am already taking. I just don't feel like eating. I felt almost lucid the first 2 days on Augmenten, tingly as well. This is quite strange. I also suffer from ulcerative colitis, now known as, IBS. Thank you ALL for your posts.
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